Monday, January 21, 2008

Good News.

It looks like the first piece of good news in a long long time. 200 Million dollars is one of the largest-ever initial foundings for a start up. All this money will be used to jump-start mass adoption of electric vehicles by introducing a radically different scheme for selling the cars and handling their batteries. It seems that software industry hotshot Shai Agassi has a more than well founded plan to shake up the car industry with a new approach to the electric car. By posting about this news i don't intend to investigate about who's spending such a sum of money, and why. I just want to celebrate the event. Nothing more. We can say that France is working with Israel, that is working with United States, collaborating with China at a new, and finally not dangerous, project. The companies and the consumers who use this kind of car, will normally recharge their batteries at night, when the electricity is cheapest, and it is expected the batteries to have a life of 7,000 charges, but you need to count just on only 1,500 charges, wich is roughly 150,000 miles, the life of the average car. Predioctions are that a couple of thousands electric car wil be on Israeli roads in 2009 and 100,000 by the end of 2010. I think oil is becoming, sorry, it already has became more a problem than a source of energy. I don't care about Palestinian-Israeli conflict, a don't care about some strange collisions between American Government and Israeli secret service (don't worry i don't care just about this post), what i care is that finally i read on a newspaper something not against the 3 p's: peace, planet, people. Wow, this is such news. I'd like this news to become a new hope, a new start doing good things for our sick planet. I'd like all the Presidents will take this proposal as a start up in a view to get humanity through a new 'era'. The 'era' in which people love and respect each other living in peace with the planet. Toomuch? Maybe. Thank you for your time and attention.

New York Times.

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