Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mr. Kin Jong-il.

The official media says that when Kim Jong-il was born on the sacred Mount Paektu , a double rainbow and new stars appeared in the sky over North Korea. In fact, the dictator was born in Siberia, where his father Kim Il-sung, officially the country's "eternal president", was serving the Soviet Army. The North Korean media are the key to the paranoid and luxury-loving Kim Jong-il's personality cult as a "socialist hero". He has banned the media from mentioning the famine that has killed milions of North Koreans since the 1990s.
Each day the activities of the "Dear Leader" begin TV news broadcast and are headlined in the press. The misspelling of his name or a negative remark can result in the culprit being sent to a political re-education camp. The secret police stop the people getting news from the outside world by preventing the import of radios from neighbouring China. Propaganda officials also sistematically jam South Korea radio and those run from abroad by North Korean refugees.
North Korea is denying its citizens their foundamental rights by preventing them from freely leave the country, arresting those who make such an attempt; and arbitrarily detaining, mistreating, torturing and sometimes even executing border-crossers who are repatriated. China, too, regularly flouts its obbligations under the 1951 U.N. Refugee Convention by labeling all North Koreans "illegal economic migrants" and sending them back. Many of these North Korean crossed the border because the Stated failed them. North Korea claims to have a socialist system under wich all citizens receive free food, education, medical care and housing. But the reality is that only the country's elite enjoy such privileges. The rest of population is left to fend for itself. Undertaking the difficult and dangerous journey to China is a form of self-defence. The North Korean government fails to feed its people but then persecute them for trying to survive.
The world should pay attention not only to North Korea 's responsabilities under the new nuclear desarmament agreement but also to Pyongyang's responsabilities to its own people. North Koreans are forced to flee their country when the State has failed them. The rest of the world should not fail them as well.
Looking for informations i needed to write this article i visited the official web site of the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea". I invite everyone of you to go and see what is going on inside the mind of these guys...i personally got scared just superficially looking at the site, i'd like you to tell me your impressions. Thank you for your time and attention. -

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