Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bad Reputation on the Web?

I just received a strange e-mail from these phantomatic 'Internet Evidence Removal Services'. The mail started this way: PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE. I was so curious about what kind of important news these guys -that I never met in my life- had to tell me. They were afraid that I could lose my job, divorce, get embarrassed or be sent to prison. Why am I risking such a bad things? Just because of what I do on my home or office computer. The services they offered me is vey simple: to permanently delete my internet surfing history and other tracks. Who cares about what kind of site I'm gonna visit? And if someone cares about that do I have to think I'm doing something illegal? I mean...if there is around the world some bastard mother fucker that use the web to exchange pedo-porn images with other perverted like think is correct that this person could have the chance to delete every kind of proof that can demonstrate he's a fuckin perverted? I don't think so...these kind of things, these kind of offers are not for people like you or me...everyone in this world, with an internet connection go and see some porn, come normal. And if i wanna do a research on the CIA web site, or on the White I doing something illegal or is illegal to publish on the web something that everyone could have access to see? I mean, everything I see on the web is not chargeable on me, it has to be charged to the person who published it. Pedo-pornography is an exception, you are responsible if you are a fucking pedophile, so you have to be arrested...hopefully spending the rest of your life in jail. Is that ok if I am a terrorist and I learned how to assemble a bomb on the web I can cancel everything just contacting these mother fuckers? So, I'm totally against these kind of things just because they are directed only to help the worst people in our society. If you get some porn on the web...straight, gay, lesbo or anything don't feel like a dirty person who is afraid to be isolated because of that. Maybe the person supposed to fire you because you see porn site...does the same you do...or worst. I think everything must have a border-line, and the border, as always, is the violation of somebody else's freedom. If you use to masturbate on the web looking some naked girls, who cares...but if you watch children, everyone of us should care, and condemn you as you deserve... same thing if you use the web to make bombs or buy weapons...these things are against somebody else rights to live in peace. I strongly condemn these offers to delete and cancel your web history, do you like if fucking perverted or crazy bombers had the chance to do that? I don' don't be afraid if you see porn, a little bit is normal, and if you meet someone who affirm that he never saw a porn site, you can recognize him as a liar. Be ok, if you can, make love with the person who loves you and not with a computer, and if you are alone, try to get some different interests and sometimes, if you wanna see some naked girl don't feel like a peace of shit...if you spend 15 hours per day on porn sites, do me a favour: go and see a doctor please. Thank you for you time and attention.

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