Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back To Italy.

After one whole, intense, fast year in New York I'm back to my own country. Italy. Yesterday I spent my entire day in Roma, they were waiting for interviewing me for the US visa. At first I'd like to tell you about this trip to Roma, so boring but also really amazing, because we have to admit that's absolutely the most beautiful and incredible city in the world. All of you reading this article know why Roma is considered beautiful: monuments, museums, art in general, fashion, cinema and so on...what i'd like you to know is why I used the word incredible to describe it. So, would you like to know what's the most incredible thing I noticed arriving there? We call it 'auto blu' meaning blue cars, those are the kind of cars we could define used by politicians with driver, car used by army 'Generals', car used by everyone. The quantity of that kind of cars I saw is nothing less than incredible, almost the same number of regular cars or cabs. This information could leave you completely not interested but I think this is the best example to understand why Italy is spending one of the worst period of its long and glorious history. Privileges, privileges everywhere. All the people is looking for privileges. And when you achieve it, you are done, you are a successfull matter if the public debt is bringing our country to bankrupt, no matter if the garbage is everywhere on the streets of Campania, the only important thing is to get an 'auto blu', better with a shining blue sirene on top. But if a public administrator achieve it, does it mean he's honest? Does it mean he did something helpful for the community? Does it mean he took honorable service in any war? No. Because everyone working in our fuckin', crazy, collapsed public administration has an 'auto blu'. Running faster and faster, no respecting signals, you can admire this amazing proof that the Italian culture is fucked up. I'm really disappointed about that, I cannot understand why our Government waste so much money for 'Mother Fuckers Transportation'. You must also know that they either don't pay: flight tickets, stadium tickets, restaurants, theaters, hotels, apartment rents... anything. My day was very tiring, boring and stressful, I had to wait three hours to be received by the consular officer, after the interview I had to wait four hours to get back my passport, and during this time I was waiting outside the embassy on Via Veneto, I can assure that every ten cars there was -at least- three or four 'auto blu'. Don't you think that's a scandal? I'd like to see if in Washington, Madrid, Paris, London or other administrative capitals that kind of things happen, I bet it doesn't. My journey let me see also positive things, I have to admit that the train bringing me from Modena to Roma was on time and also they checked if I made a ticket to travel or not. That's very surprising in a positive way, I honestly didn't imagine that. Other positive things? I got the visa! Next time, I'll tell you about my feelings spending these ten days in my mom's house. Thank you for your time and attention.

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Peren Lazzaros said...

I want to know how it was staying at your mother's home. Mi interessa.