Monday, March 3, 2008

Please Don't Vote.

Next April 13 and 14 Italy will host new political elections. The situation is almost dramatic, the candidates are the same old people that brought Italy to bankruptcy. Napoli -and the whole Costiera Amalfitana- is under meters of garbage, the world most famous "mozzarella di bufala" is fluorescent, the total corruption of the public machine is putting at the head responsability levels people that should deserve just the prison. Mafia, camorra, 'ndrangheta and sacra corona unita are living one of the most florid period of the Italian contemporary history. Prosecutors are afraid to work, everytime they start to attack strong powers the Justice Minister in charge (no matter right or left) never lose time to send to the tribunal ispections in a view to remove the prosecutor from his office. In regions like Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Piemonte everything is controlled by the cooperative system, that's mean that if you are not affiliated to one of those cooperatives (under the control of Democratic Party) you can do anything. Silvio Berlusconi is controlling the whole media system, Walter Veltroni formed the new Democratic Party bringing inside it the same old people responsible for the last Government's failures. The President of Regione Sicilia -Mr. Cuffaro- has been condamned to spend 5 years in prison for Associazione Mafiosa (mafia's connections), and will be candidate for UDC (Christian Party) at the upcoming elections. 24 people in the present Parliement have been condamned with definitive sentence for different kind of charges: from stealing money to fighting with Police. The most important scientists and culture men are forced to go abroad because in Italy there is no money for research and new technologies, that's why we are going down and down on the international market competitions. Pessimism and no hope is pervading my country day after day, there is no justice, there is no defense for human rights there is no free information. That's why I won't vote this turn, that's why I'm asking all Italians to do the same thing. Voting affluence is considered a kind of Democracy thermometer, and ours is unfortunately signing ZERO at the moment. Italy needs new faces, young and prepared people who can start and fix all the problems that are destroying the most beautiful country of the world. The programs of Democratic Party and Partito delle Liberta' -Berlusconi's coalition- are exactely the same, their intent is just to mantain the current situation of privileges and decadence. The infrastructure system is collapsing, the sanitary system is not capable to assure the standard performances of hospitals. Medium class completely desappeared, national workers contracts are very old and not able to give people the minimum to survive. After the Euro introduction we assisted at a world unique effect: price doubled and salay decreased, speculative operations on prices made living Italy completely unaffordeable. Instead of focusing the attention preserving our culture, our creativity, our civilization, our high quality... politicians decided to follow the war of quantity and low prices fighting against giants like China, what a good strategy. My desire is that everyone of the mother fuckers responsible for this situaion get out from power buildings, get out from public life get out from our life. My dream is to see Italy with the same hope that was pervading my country during 60s, when a solid industry, with honest entrepreneurs was bringing Italy at the first places in the world as a democracy and civilized country. Maybe we need a revolution to achieve that. Thank you for your time and attention.

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Velo di Maya said...

...già, la rivoluzione...siamo soli. O perlomeno, ci sentiamo soli, abbandonati al nostro destino. Per la rivoluzione non sapremmo nemmeno da che parte iniziare...siamo messi maluccio. La maggior parte degli italiani è ignorante, andrà a votare...
Ma tu sai già tutte queste cose..
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