Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Roma, Apr. 8th 2008.

As everybody knows, next Apr. 13th and 14th politics elections will take place in Italy. We could waste a lot of words talking about the Italian situation, we could talk about Campania's garbage, or about mafia, camorra and 'ndrangheta. We could take a look at the systemic corruption inside the Parliament where there's more than 20 condamned for different criminal records. We should highline the crisis of the Made in Italy around the, design, creativity, the pliticians driving the country during these last fifteen years absolutely killed the best Italian excellences. They simply killed the hope of the new generations to partecipate at the growing of the whole society. If you don't have money you can't express your art in Italy. That's orrible, Italy counts an infinite number of young people very smart and creative, they cannot follow their dreams because it's impossible to find a space, even if you are very good, I mean, above all if you are very good. The -collapsing- system doesn't allowe anyone's brain to communicate with art against the establishment, even if you'd like to become a dancer. The first warning that a democracy is failing down is when people can't hope to realize their own desires. What you want to do? Poet, guitar player, actor, mayor, owner of something, doctor, engeneer...and you'd like to be payed to do that? Are you rich? Do you know sombody 'important'? No? Forget about it. And the fact you are really good doesn't matter. There is not the 'start-up-conditions'.
Long time ago, in 1987 Ilona Staller, better known as Cicciolina, won the elections and entered the Italian Parlament. She was -or maybe is- a world wide famous porn star. That I respect so much. But I just wonder if it's normal that inside the most important legislative reunion of a country a porn star can take a sit instead of a philosopher or an economist. I'm not sure that a porn star can handle difficult technical issues like unemployment or immigration. Well, in Italy nothing changed in 21 years. Porn Star Milly D'Abbraccio is candidated by the Socialist Party. You can admire -in the attached picture- the elegant, electoral manifesto. That's what I'd like to say in this article, we can talk hours and hours about Italy, or we can just take a look at that picture to understand everything. every fuckin thing. We had become the county of rubberies, cocaine, pornography, not-punished-crimes, and the Bush-carpet. Come on, what's going on?A fuckin ass everywhere in the walls of the most beautiful city in the fuckin world? I cannot accept it. As an Italian and as a human being, I hope that some foreing country or international army could fix the pathetic situation that Italy is living. Thank you for your time and attention.

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