Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Bomb that Never Stop Killing.

There are so many tipes of cluster bomb: incendiary, anti-personnel, anti-tank, anti runway, mine-laying, chemical, anti-electrical or leaflet dispensing...much more models than nike shoes. Oh my God, incredible. Even if there's a huge variety where we can find the cluster bomb that better fit our needs, the concept running its funcion is always the same. They are made up of a big container wich opens in mid-air, dropping hundreds of sub-munitions or "bomblets" across a wide area. They also can be delivered using a nice white parashute, like the Barbies' one.
Something like the 25% of the bomblets don't explode, and you can find it even in places where the war is long time over, like Kosovo or Cambodia. That's why these kind of bombs are the most bastard that human kind could fuckin invent, they continue in killing even after the military conflict is finished. They don't make difference between a sodier or a kid.
Cluster bombs are usually bright coloured, they easily attract children, and they cause them death or terrible injuries. They don't even need to be activated by any act, the wind could be enough.
Last week more than 100 nations have reached an agreement on a treaty wich would ban current designs of cluster bombs. Wanna know who didn't sign up? United States, Israel, Russia, China, India, Pakistan. The problem is not just and abiouvsly ethic, everybody knows that these countries should really ask themselves what kind of world would like their children to live. The problem is also politic, you know that US military bases are all over the world, some of the most beautiful coast located places in Italy are occupied by US bases, that's good, because they saved us from the fascism. That's what everyone repeated me so many times...all right, maybe it's true, I don't wanna seem too bitch, let's believe that if tomorrow a dictatorship will take place in Italy, US soldiers will be ready to save us again. Maybe they are planning it right now, should be just in time...bye bye Silvio...
Anyway, the agreement doesn't permit to the signatories to manifacture cluster bombs and obblige to destroy all such weapons in its possession within 8 years. Following the Dublin meeting, the 100 counties will no permit the costruction or use of cluster bombs, also inside foreign military bases.
In a statement the Pentagon said: "While the United States shares the humanitarian concerns of those in Dublin, cluster munitions have demonstrated military utility and their elimination from the US stockpiles would put the lives of our soldiers and those of our coalition partners at risk".
British Liberal-Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesman Ed Davey said: "The Prime Minister must make clear whether he would continue to allow the US to store its own cluster munitions on British territory. If he is serious about ending the scourge of these weapons, he must bring this abuse of 'special-relationship' to an end".
The cluster coalition is sure that now that all of America's key allies have just renounced the weapons it will be very difficul for the US to engage in operations with countries who have banned this weapon and continue to use them". I strongely hope so...but unfortunately I don't think so. I'd like to read this news like the first step to a long period of peace that I think I won't see, I'd like so much to celebrate this like the first, real peace drop starting an era of million of million of gallons of peace. But you know, is so difficult to believe in someone nowadays, so they signed a you think they'll have the balls to say to United States: if you wanna use your fuckin bombs get the fuck out of here!? Never. So, nothing will change. Thank you for your time and attention.

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Right next this article I posted an interesting Youtube about the 'Human Right Watch' point of view on cluster bombs. Take a look if you like.

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