Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Greetings From Cuba..

Even if many people don't agree with that, someone could think that Cuba is actually really libre, free. Last week I read a short article about Fidel Castro and his Ministry of Health on an Italian newspaper. It looks like Cuba is opening to public support medical procedures for sex reassignment of tansgender -transexual- people. Wow. The comunists. the end they're not as much comunist as the 'democratic' world look at them.
Transexualism is a condition in wich a Person identifies with a phisical sex different from the one that they were born with. I don't want to talk about the religious or social aspects of living the condition of transexuality, as I could understand during my short research, this is a highly controversial topic. What I can say about it is just that I'm more than sure that this people don't want to change their body just because is a trend or because they are too much egocentric.
When I was living in Italy I often used to talk with a trans guy, Megan. She always came to the bar I owned for a coffee or a long drink and she loved to explain me all the problem and tragedies she had to suffer to achieve her dream, the dream of finnally living in a body she recognized as her body. Doctors, hospitals, psychologists, medicines, hormone terapies, you think there's anyone in this world that could face such terrible tortures just for a desire to be original? I honestly don't think so. I think these are persons who need help from each one of us, just start thinking they're extremely normal should be enough. They don't want to be original, they want to be normal, and what's normal for them? Obviously living in the body where they're supposed to born. I don't know, and I don't want to know why this people could born in a wrong body, what I think is that these guys are not lieing, they need to change their sex gender, they need it to live, they don't want to live a male body at the moment they are female (or viceversa), they actually should prefer to die.
Maybe Mr. Raul Castro, already knew about that, that's why he approved a law, already signed by his Minister of Health, to permit transexuals to have the psichiatric and medical assistance they deserve in a view to change their sexual identity. For free.
Mariel Castro -Fidel's daughter- is the director of the National Center of Sexual Education -you see the comunists?-, she said that Cuban President and Cuban Government are working together to find the best legal solutions to preserve transgender from any kind of discrimination, they are working to permit their complete interaction with the modern Cuban society. I think this is the right way to build a new modern society, startig from showing to the entire world they're not afraid to welcome diversities. So, VIVA CUBA LIBRE. Thank you for your time and attention.

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