Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good Luck Barack.

This is the first time that I see with my eyes the Democratic nomination of the candidate for the world's most important job. All the election campaigns I saw in my life are the Italian ones, but you know, over there things are pretty different, people doesn't choose any candidate, the secretaries of the different, numerous parties choose -before the elections- who's gonna be elected at the Parliement and who's not, people is not voting any candidate, is voting just the party wich already decided the nominees. Ridicolous. That's why the first thing I can say after this "first round" who put Sen. Barack Obama against Sen. John McCain is that I honestly appreciated the direct democracy that America gifts to its citizens. I really enjoyed the real drama involving Hillary and the real satisfaction surrounding Obama, people of United States are put in the conditions to really and almost personally know their next President. This is fair and very democratic I think. Starting my first experience in a foreign county's election campaign I had to deal with concepts like delegates, super-delegates, caucus -what a strange name-, and honestly I can confess that the mechanism is not yet perfectly clear in my mind, but the most important thing to understand is that we're talking about votes of Democratic Party representatives and common people.
I perfectly agree with what I recently read on 'The Economist' about the Obama-Clinton race: "It has been a policy-light contest for the simple reason that there was very little to choose between the two Democrats either on domestic or on foreign policy. Small wonder, then, that the Democratic race focused on character more than content". This is exactely the point, even if the solutions on domestic and foreign policy were similar between the two candidates, something big was making difference between Obama and Hillary, something not clearly visible, but something that let people imagine that voting for Hillary was like voting Republican... Democrats, this time, choosed to be really Democrat. Finally.
Change, America want to change, America decided that doesn't need an experienced President right now, what America need in 2008 is quickly change everything, its policy about globalization, war, energy, environment, Americans are asking the next President to completely change the whole direction of the country about everything. It's more a philosophical matter than a political one on my point of view. Hillary is not enough for this, at the end she is more than just part of the establishment that the Democtats vote wanted to punish.
The word change and an hard loveable character, these are two of the million reasons that permitted Obama to achieve the most important nomination of the story of United States.
Beside the will of change of Americans I think there's others why I should vote for him.
The first and the most obvious and natural reason -even if nobody talks about that-, is because he's black. The Pope should support his campaign, this is the first big peace drop coming on the earth after a fuckin long period of time. This fact should really change the common approach of interacting with a society that always pushed youngers to hate the different and the 'not-known'. We don't need to read every single speach of this campaign to understand who is the better this time. I like to think that if elected, will be also thank to million of white voters, I love to think at this as the first, embrional touch of peace on everyone of us. This is not populism, this is just the time that black and white people start to think in a more similar and global-minded way, and start to really enjoy their differecies, the both, American white and black citizens will be proud, day after day, of showing to the world the way of peace.
It's time to light the fire of peace, to ensure a long era of fraternity around the globe, the best first step to start this light is to make peace, once and forever, between blacks and whites. Am I too naive if I think that a President like him will surely contribute to win the war against stupidity and racism?
There's plenty of other facts that convinced and put me on the Obama's side. Most of these reasons come from the point of view I have about the modern world, I agree, it's a really personal opinion but I'm sure that very big changes happened all around the globe in the last 20 years.
In the effort to understand why I felt so attracted by the Obama's charisma I started to focus on my ideas about the world, on my ideas about a lot of complicate issues that fucked up the earth in these last 20 years... like the oil, its price, the whole concept of energy and other stuff like that.
I support the theory that the oil price is normally going upper and upper just because is fuckin finishing -in less than 40 years someone said-, this should be known by everyone that heard just once about the simple law of offer and demand. No offer, price rise of course. So what's the solution? The President I'd like to see is a President who will try to fix this situation not just trying to find some more oil in South Pole or somewhere else, I'd like my president to put his effort in finding and support new, intelligent and clean sources of energy. I'm sorry but I don't even like nuclear, I think that's not the way, human kind need to understand how to start again to live in peace with the planet. I think our great planet is more than ready to help the world's population at the moment we all stop raping it.
I also think that banks have been gaining too much power after this crazy and collapsed globalization of the world, I hope my President should start to talk with banks and insurances in a view to fight their infinite ultra-power and cruelty.
I'd like the next president of United States will start to betray mr. Silvio Berlusoni like he deserve: that means like a dictator or a clown, he choose.
I'd like the end of all the wars, Irak first and the end of the oil-weapon industry as the most important track for the American economy.
I'd like to forget pretty soon these 8 years with mr. Bush and his black-sheep-of-the-family brain.
I'd like Barack Obama to be the next President of United States of America. If he wanna change things, he will find a lot of things that need to be changed, and I'm pretty sure he will fight to mantain his promises. Thank you for your time and attention.

Image created by Shepard Fairey.

-The Economist-

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That was so beautifully expressed. I wish you could vote! Maybe one day
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