Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Man of Perseverance.

I felt really impressed when I saw that writing Silvio Berlusconi in the banner of the the third articles was titled "Hair today, hair tomorrow". It was about how Silvio could fight and win his chronic baldness. Maybe there's not too much more to say about the President of the Italian Government.
This is the first time that I write about Silvio Berlusconi feeling a sort of respect for a 71 years old man fighting against Italian magistrates and prosecutors that would like to apply the law -that's their job- and put him in a nice jail. Is the first time I write about Silvio Berlusconi looking at him like an old desperate, sometime pathetic, old guy...full of experiences, that tried to live all his life at the top of the top. He was a great entrepreneur, building entire towns like Milano 2. He bought three broadcasting national networks, and than banks, insurances, supermarkets chains, book and paper editions, almost everything. But this his an old story, the old story is always about his connections with mafia and not-so-honest politicians, this is the old story about all the times he risked to be condemned but he didn't because of the expiration of the term to achieve a sentence -accelerate prescription, a strange law his previous Government approved 4 years ago-.
But now the things are different, because he's older and he looks to me like he's starting to realize that the game is over. That he's done. Well done. Finish. That's it. Fucked up. The end of the story.
But never forget, he's the man of perseverance.
I'd like to let you know about his first 100 day's government activity. In an article I posted last April the 14th, as he won the elections, I wrote about the first engagements he took with Italians the same day of the official results.
He said that at least 4 women would be part of the government, now we can say that two of them are without any power in two ministries that give them no possibility to spend any public money, another Italian fruit of creativity, fake ministries to let everybody satisfied.
He said that the first 'Consiglio dei ministri' would have been taken place in Napoli, and he, personally, would spent 3 days per week over there to better take care of the difficult situation of the garbage. Now we can say the in the first 100 days as a President he's been to Napoli three single times, doing the usual useless, official visit.
He said that in a month he would be able to fix the Alitalia-close-to-bankruptcy problem. Now we can say that on this issue he didn't do absolutely nothing beside scaring and letting escape Air France's offer -obviously before the elections-.
So, if he didn't do anything he promised what did he do? Simple question:
he saved 'Rete 4', one of his television networks, from an European Commission's sentence intimating 'Rete 4' to stop programs right away to let the legitimate frequencies' concessionee -Europa 7- free to transmit. Than he started to insist on a strange law about phone intercepts abuse by Italian tribunals and Prosecutors. The law -almost approved- will forbid journalists to write about really important processes all the Italian population should know. The law forbid the publication of public papers, not secret anymore. The law will forbid Italian Prosecutors to use phone intercepts to investigate on many crime files, they will be able to use this instrument only for a very few number of crimes, like mafia, terrorism and not so much more...will be out: corruption, crimes against public administration, false declarations to Judge, and other many crimes that maybe is better Prosecutors don't listen while he talk about it at the phone. There's a couple of very nice phone intercepts involving Berlusconi on YouTube, but unfortunately there's no translation.
He and his friends told Italian people that everywhere in the world the number of authorizations for phone or cell intercepts is enormously lower than the Italian one. They forgot to tell people a couple of things: first, Italy is governed by 4 of the world's most powerful crime organizations as mafia, 'ndrangheta, sacra corona unita and camorra. I think the situation is a little bit different in the rest of occidental rich democracies. Second, in Italy to make phone intercepts you need a judge to authorize it. Everywhere else -USA, UK, Germany...- a lot of people can use it without any authorization, local policies, cia, fbi, fire dept. in some case, you know better than me than in United States everyone of us is super-controlled, I'm not saying that is good, but I'm more than sure than Italians are less controlled than Americans. I watched on the web a lot of Italian politics talk shows, everywhere Berlusconi's speakers telling Italians that in the United States it have been done 1,700 phone intercepts last year in front of the more than 200,000 of Italy. Simply a bullshit. Or a lie. You wanna know what else he did in these first 100 days? Oh, other two incredible, I swear, INCREDIBLE, Government law proposals: the first is to stop all the processes for crimes committed before 2002, to celebrate pretty soon the newer. Is it important that Silvio Berlusconi is processed by the Tribunale di Milano for paying a British lawyer alleged to take from him 600,000 euros as a payment to reply Prosecutors' questions in a nice-for-Silvio way? Yes it is. The process is close to the sentence -of course Silvio knows he's guilty-, but the crime is ante 2002 so according this crazy, unconstitutional law, his process will be stopped. Maybe. Or maybe not. The second and last incredible law he proposed to Italian Parliament, is the total immunization from law of the first 5 high powers of the State: President of the Italian Republic, President of the Government, President of the Camera dei Deputati, President of the Senato, President of the Corte Costituzionale.
What do you think I can say more? Nothing, because, this time, I think is really, finally the end. Am I sorry for it? No, but for sure I'm sorry for a 71 years old man that spent all his life trying to be remembered in the far future, and he achieved it, but maybe he will be remembered for something he shouldn't like that much.
The image you see on top was taken less than a week ago in Sardegna.
Thank you for your time and attention.

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