Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beijing 2008.

Olympic Games are very close to begin. I'm sure there's more than someone in this world that doesn't like too much the way China is taking on human rights and freedom of speech and informations. I'm part of the people that cannot forget Tiananmen protests in 1989, imagine that Chinese new generations, people 15/20 years old, don't even know what happened in that square. The regime had been able to cover it up completely. I'm part of that people that don't understand why nobody in Europe, America, Australia or wherever took any official position to support the Dalai Lama during the last recent Chinese repression in Tibet. I'm between the ones who think that Olympic Games and their Olympic spirit will change anything right away after they finish. China will get back controlling the world economy with the consequences that everyone can see, China will go ahead killing people who just protested or talked to other people about politics, China will continue to manipulate children brains through any kind of brain-storming, China won't stop to produce the quantity of pollution actually producing.
They recently celebrated the grand opening of the Olympic Village in Beijing, the gray thick smog of the industries and cars was almost forcing to post pone the celebration because the air was impossible to breathe. Come on, China sucks, made in China sucks, its dictature sucks, these Olympic Games are useless and will never help to fix all the problems that affect that society. That's why I'm with the people that will boycott the up coming games, it will be not so much hard for me, I'm not that sport-interested-guy that I'd like to be honestly, but I always followed the opening and some of the most attractive challenges in the past... this year i'm sure I won't do it.
Couple of nights ago I visited the official web site of Beijing 2008, I right away felt attracted by the sponsors and supporters section. What I did, and what I invite you to do is to choose one of them and write an e-mail asking how they cannot feel bad supporting this kind of people. You have to talk with the invisible employee reading your mail, you have not to write to the President or the CEO, just because everyone knows why they choose to support China. We should try to let normal people understand that most of times they are working for not-so-ethic-companies. They could protest about that, I know, with the result to be fired after a second. This makes me really upset and disappointed. There is no more freedom in this world, and I think that Chinese influence has big responsibility on the matter. I'm sure that's also because of China the world is under the God of money and wild market, I'm sure that's also because of China that every fuckin' country needs an atomic bomb, I'm sure that's also because of China that world wide workers are loosing more and more rights year after year.
I will use the time I save not watching the Beijing 2008 Olympics Games to dedicate this blog to China and write down about their fucked up mind, until games finish on Aug.24th. Two weeks in which I'll try to better understand what's going on between China and the world, why even a Pope support a Socialist regime, what's in the past of this country, who are Chinese, how do they live and in which kind of environment...and so on, I hope you'll find it interesting.
Thank you for your time and attention.
P.S. Writing bad about China doesn't mean thinking good about America, Italy, Russia, France, British Empire and so on...With this article I don't intend to offend any private Chinese person, I just consider anyone of them victim of a bad leadership, which transformed human beings in intense productive machines, as a mission for each single life. More than 1 billion of lives.
To be continued...

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