Tuesday, July 15, 2008

G-8 in Japan. July 2008.

Last week, somewhere in Japan, the Presidents of the Governments of the 8 richest counties of the world met each other. They usually choose very fancy places where to spend some nice and relaxing days. Next year, Berlusconi promised, he will organize a beautiful G-8 in Italy, he will offer all inclusive package, kids assistance, sauna, hydro each room, international breakfast 9.00-11.00 am, lunch and siesta until 6.00 pm and following dinner 8.00 pm, happy ending with every President -full of limoncello- singing with Berlusconi and his faithful and always present Napoletan guitarist Mr. Apicella. It already happened and it could perfectly happen again. Don't you find these meetings a little bit useless? Even media ignore it, always taken as a little vacation of 8 guys that are not understanding what is going on in this world, right now. Who are these guys? I cannot say every one of them is a criminal or a son of a bitch but come on...Berlusconi, full of domestic problems, head of a Government in a State on bankruptcy since at least 20 years ago. Bush? Sorry no comment...Sarkozy? Too much egocentric. The Russian? I don't even know his name and i don't want to know it, it doesn't matter, he doesn't exist, he's a nice costume with inside mr. Putin, the Berlusconi's closest friend. Merkel? bah...I mean...maybe. But do you think these guys have the intelligence needed to guide the world in 2008? There's not to much more to say...maybe someone is a criminal, maybe someone is under investigation(s)...I don't care, there's anyone among these politicians, intelligent enough to do what we need they to do for the future of our children? No. Sorry, I'm pretty sure about that. Come on, they thought and talked and thought and talked and again and again and finally they informed the world about how do they think the issue of oil and energy should be analyzed and solved: asking producers to produce more. As every time. Sigh sigh. So sad and pathetic. Any idea about clear energy, recycle or so on? Come on guys, without using our intelligence we are condemned. We'll destroy for ever and aver our beautiful planet. Because of what? Simply stupidity, with a touch of money. Paper. Ok everyone need it, but to buy what? Mega plasma tv lcd, the last pc or mac? Do you still think you need it or you already know you don't? That's maybe why we always feel unsatisfied? Anything we could have under possession?
I think everyone of us should better take care at all these issues at the moment that all these persons are choosing for us, asking us nothing and above all doing nothing for us. I don't want people like these to guide the world. Looking at that embaraced Bush calling: "Amigo, amigo"(amigo spanish, amico Italian) Berlusconi, in the way like: damn, I forgot for a while that he's sure I'm a friend of him. Note that United States Government distributed to journalists following the summit, a press-kit in which Berlusconi was described as the corrupt President of a corrupt State. That is absolutely true. Mmhh strange, Bush did something good? By the way he apologized right away. Of course, if he tell people the truth he automatically feel the nees to say sorry. He cannot resist.
Or what to say about the usual clownesque Italian President trying to force Merkel to dance or he, again, sending kisses to really young girls. Everyone in Italy knows in which pathetic way Berlusconi is facing his third age. He was sending kisses like Don Giovanni trying to involve President Sarkozy in this "commedia all'Italiana" whom rejected Berlusconi's arm when he tried to catch his one. Sigh. Aren't they supposed to be a little bit more...mmmhhhh....let me think, serious? And focused on solving problems?
As you can see from the official pictures they have to take position depending from the country they represent. Of course Berlusconi is always border line, in the middle we see the President of the country guesting the summit and than, from right to left respecting the power of the nation represented. So prehistoric. That's why I think human kind should stop to fight for power. You'll always find someone more powerful than you.
Oh Lord, every time they meet they decide nothing, this blog will support any campaign for the abolition of G-8 reunions. After this other last, useless G-8 we can say that the document issued by the participating countries had very few of the concrete goals needed to keep greenhouse gases from growing at their torrid pace. Insiders testified that they attended in the morning at meetings finding ways to reduce gas prices and that same afternoon session focused on raising them through caps or taxes on fossil fuels. They don't know what to do. They're disoriented. They don't understand anything, anymore. Just because our, occidental economic model collapsed, I guess. There's a persistent gap between what science is saying about global warming and what countries are doing. For all these reasons I don't intend to bother you anymore telling about the conclusions of the final comunique' of the meeting. We should just use the word NOTHING. NOTHING concerning global economy, NOTHING concerning Africa, NOTHING concerning energy, NOTHING concerning rising of the food prices.
But believe, they enjoyed a very nice journey in Japan, so far from domestic scandals. Thank you for you time and attention.

- NewYorkTimes - Pictures: Reuter -

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Audrey said...

These world leaders behave like a bunch of teenagers. We have to depend on our fellow neighbor, individual people to do what these fools in office cannot and will not do. All they care about is being in power and grabbing as much money as possible. They have no interest in helping the people of the country or the world. Are their souls dead or just ill and hiding?

So we must do whatever small or big thing we can for the environment, for the poor, for those in war-torn countries. We in the United States have to get out of Iraq and stop invading countries for the WRONG reasons. Whatever thing we can do, we must