Friday, July 4, 2008

Ingrid Betancourt.

It's a couple of days I'm thinking about what could I write about Ingrid Betancourt and her rescue. I'm thinking about her biography, about the military operation behind her freedom, about the eventuality of a payment made by US or about the FARC, who are they and what they pretend to achieve? Every time I'm thinking about those different aspects of the Betancourt' story, something gets my mind to imagine her more-than-6-years living in the jungle. Her day after day, her way to face the routine.
The rescue of Ingrid Betancourt is a big peace drop falling on the floor of the world. To understand why, we need to better know Ingrid and her previous history before she had been kidnapped in Feb. 2002 by the FARC -Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-.
Ingrid's family is one of the Colombia's oldest aristocratic families, her mother, Yolanda Pulecio was a former Miss Colombia who later served in Congress representing poor southern neighborhood of Bogota. Her father, Gabriel Betancourt, was Minister for the General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla dictatorship -1953/57-, the Assistant Director of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural Organization, UNESCO ambassador to the embassy of Paris. He's been also head of the Education Commission of the Alliance for Progress in Washington, DC under John F. Kennedy.
Ingrid had a beautiful childhood, she studied in Bogota', at the French Lyceum, her parents let her meet with people like Garcia Marquez or Fernando Botero. After graduating she married fellow student Fabrice Delloye, they had two beautiful children, Melanie -1985- and Lorenzo -1988-. The family lived in multiple countries, France, Colombia, New Zealand, Seychelles and also Quito, Equador, where she used to teach aerobics.
As you can understand we are in front of a strong, experienced, well-educated woman. A woman who couldn't co-exist with any form of elite or forced conformism. That's the reason why she decided to do something for her country, something for the entire world. She felt the need to save her people before the end of any ethic conscience, she felt the need to save Colombia from the plagues of drugs business, guerrilla, corruption. Starting from 1990 she began her political career working at the Minister of Finance, in 1994 she was elected at the Chamber of Representatives launching the Green Oxygen Party. Betancourt ran for Senator in 1998 election, and the total number of votes she received was the largest of any other candidate in that year's Senate election.
2002. DMZ means demilitarized zone, a space where the Colombian Army couldn't enter. Different locations inside the Colombian territories and forests which many critics considered a safe heaven where the FARC imposed its will as law committing military attacks and acts of terrorism outside the DMZ before withdrawing back to it, in order to avoid direct confrontation with Government Armed Forces. Ingrid Betancourt decided that, as a Presidential Candidate she had to meet with them, she had to better understand their protest. FARC is a clandestine army, a cocaine cartel, a Leninist-Stalinist organization, wikipedia inform that they fight against privatization of natural resources, multinational corporations, and paramilitary violence. Maybe Betancourt would like to talk with them about those political issues in order to stop extortions, cruelties, kidnappings and participation in the illegal drug deal. Was the February 23 of 2002 when Ingrid was stopped at the last check point before going into the former DMZ, military officers insisted that Betancourt and her party not continue in their effort to reach San Vincente del Caguan the village used for the "peace-talks". THIS IS A FUCKIN' PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE! Don't you agree? In the forest, in the middle of a demilitarized zone, alone, to talk with some of the most dangerous criminals of the world.
She disappeared. She re-appeared after 6 years and 4 months. She is smiling. She's joyful. She mental-planned to stay there for then years more. She is full of life. She resisted. She made it. She, as a human being, demonstrated to everyone of us that a good faith and a strong hope in the future can let you survive in any condition. All the entire world should say thank you to this great woman. Who cares who did it...Colombian Army perfect operation, US perfect dollars, Israeli perfect secret service, bah. I don't care, I just admire a woman, the strongest woman of the world. The strongest mind. The greatest brain. The mother, the daughter, the wife. Really impressing. In the next future she will inform all of us about the abilities she had to develop to survive in such difficult conditions. If she will decide to keep with herself this cruel experience we will understand and respect her decision. For the moment I'd like to celebrate the end of my '4th-of-July-day' to thank God that gave back to her family, and to all of us Ingrid Betancourt. Thank you for your time and attention.

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