Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5 Days Left So Please Do It Now.

The last thing i was expecting to write on this blog was something nice about American Express. This time things are different.
A friend (AnnaRita) told me about something called "American Express Members Project", at the moment i didn't understand what she was talking about, i was working and i couldn't understand why she was trying to let me comprehend that i had to visit the related site kind of quickly. I made my research as always and now i can explain to you everything, with the hope you'll do what i just did a few minutes ago.
Every year American Express devolve 2.5 million dollars to different projects, 1.5 to the winner, 500 thousand to the second and so on...
The possibilities for projects are endless, anyone could participate to change the neighborood or the whole globe, Amex just require the projects to be innovative and with good impact in the areas of: Arts & Culture, Community Development, Education, Environment & Wildlife, Health. If you take a look at the site you can see the most popular of the more than one thousand projects in the list.
In this smaller group there is also the project AnnaRita is supporting, and now me too, and you also can do.
The project's name is "Brain Child", i don't think i need to spend any further, useless word.
What i need you to do is simply and freely login at "" -even if you are not an American Express Cards holder- and vote for "Brain Child project":

Asking you to vote this project doesn't mean that the others are not good. It just means that if, without this blog, you didn't even know the existence of this great initiative so, just vote for the one that's personally involving my friend. You just have 5 days left, because Sept. 1st. is the last one you can give your preference.
If you just could know the little Princess representing the project and her sweet, strong Mom you should better understand. AnnaRita and other lovely people close to me do.
Thank you for your time and attention.

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