Friday, August 22, 2008

Next in Line.

Oh yes, that's what you can call a great decision, one of the biggest. Stop eating meat. I admit that watching the images of "Earthlings", seriously contributed in putting under analysis my state of meat eater. This doesn't mean that I am already classified as vegetarian, this simply mean that I'm approaching the issue from a complete opposite point of view, the animals' one. I apologize with you readers because writing this post I'll do something i usually avoid to do, like talking about me, i strongly prefer to write and you to read about my ideas and not about my private life. In this case the matter is involving everyone of us, not just me and i believe that, sharing with you the reasons why someone could decide to stop eating meat, should be very useful.
Today is the 10th day i quit meat, the fact that I'm counting days doesn't look very encouraging i know but i confess that is not requiring me any particular effort, i got into a vegetarian -almost vegan- diet in a very natural way. This is the first thing I'm understanding day after day: if you don't feel it don't do it, if you have to force yourself too violently don't do it. If tomorrow my body and my brain are going to ask me to eat a filet mignon i will do it with no doubts. Right away. That's why i don't feel impressed into myself that sort of activism that many times in the past induced me to give up with good propositions after a few time.
I decided to stop eating meat because i simply think is the right thing to do for my health and for the life of millions and millions of animals that feel the pain, the loneliness, the humiliation like i do as a human being.
This is the first obvious reason but let me spend some more word to talk about something connected with this first argument but not strictly with nutrition: furs. I simply cannot understand why, right now, end of August 2008, there's still around so many stupid bitches that love to spend thousands dollars to wear the skin of a cadaver. Why they cannot understand that their ego and desire to better look is nothing but blood and cruelty. Is that so difficult? Why that mother fuckers fashion designers don't stop to produce dresses using someone else skin? Come on guys, the time is mature to understand, for you as well.
Anytime i try to understand a phenomenon that capture my curiosity i always take into consideration the point of view of the official science but i also look for some informations that meet and explain my feelings with theories that could not yet encounter the validation of the official doctrine. Sometime science is so easy to understand, just explain things that you've been having under your eyes for your whole life.
Imagine animals in nature -i know it's hard- imagine the form of the teeth of carnivores like tiger, lion, iena. Now imagine the teeth of herbivores like giraffe, monkey, zebra. Imagine the intestine of these animals...ok, i'll tell you...the intestine of carnivores is much shorter than the herbivores one. Know why? Because carnivores eat cadavers, carcasses, organic elements going into decomposition quickly and these animals don't like these rests to cause any kind of illness to them. When a lion eat an antelope he evacuate after 6/8 hours, a monkey eat a banana and goes after 20/24 hours. After these first elements of science and evolution who do you feel more familiar with? Monkeys? Lion? Giraffe?
And what could you think if tomorrow, a scientist on tv, will tell you that all these cardiovascular diseases, problem with nutrition and devastating cancers are due to the fact that human body is projected to eat vegetables and seeds? I don't know, it looks like so clear, doesn't it?
I agree with the fact that the meat we eat is treated and cooked and so on, but guys, i think you can put all the conservatives you want or you can order your meat as well done as you want but you are eating a dead animal, and the process of the decomposition of his or her body will end inside you, into your very long intestine that will host the rest of the carcass for almost a day.
Or in other terms, try to give a piece of pear and a piece of chicken to a 6 months old kid, you'll see what his human instinct will let him choose.
Other theories talk about the fact we eat meat coming from animals that suffered their whole life. Separated from sons and daughters, transported every where in terrible conditions, under chain for years. Some people think that these feelings pass from the soul of the animal to the cells composing the meat we eat. Someone observes that we eat their anger, sickness, loneliness, starvation and violent death. That's why we are so stresses, continuously angry and nervous, always under the risk of an hearth attack.
Ok, now. What about me and my really short experience? As i tried to explain this is a process, a process that let me understand, day after day, that nature did everything. Nature, God, Big Bang or whatever created life, built our body as an incredible machine. To perfectly work, this machine (perfect) need some nutritional elements, i don't think meat is part of that. I can say that since i started this experience i feel my body thanking me day after day more and more...consider that 11 days ago i was eating no vegetables no fruit 100%. Only pasta with meat, and meat and every sort of sliced turkey or fake horrible fluorescent salami. My body is encouraging me so much, letting me understand that this is the right thing to do. I don't wake up anymore with all that pain everywhere and that cryptic breathe. I mean, a little sufferances waking up is congenital, but it's getting better. I also feel really less aggressive and interested at the human facts which let me every day more insensitive.
You know that some where people eat snakes right? Or rats, insects...where i come from many people eat horse meat, i did it many times. Delicious. Some where else nobody eat cows or lambs. So why? Eating this kind of animals and not that other ones isn't it a pre-concept based on the fact that the whole "eating meat concept" is not natural, created by men and consequencially absorbed with different interpretations inside different societies?
What would you think if tomorrow your son's classmate would kill your cat, take out his intestines ant put him in the oven with some potatoes and garlic? In China they eat cats and dogs. Didn't you know? And even if you didn't know it WHERE THE FUCK IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR CAT AND THE LAMB IN THAT PICTURE?
The most interesting thing is that i don't understand why i still consider not natural stop eating meat even if my body is supporting the decision with all the ways it have to communicate with me. Why i still cannot understand a life without meat when my body don't let me feel the need of it. Why just my brain consider a no sense stopping with meat and not my body, at the point that not eating don't represent any sacrifice for me? I thought about this, and the only answer is that since i was born everyone in front of me considered good and healthy to eat any kind of meat. I don't think i have this information i my dna, i think this is a damn wrong imported, imprinted information. A wrong information that we need to cancel...who told me that 'tagliolini alla carbonara' is more delicious than zucchini or apples? I don't know who did it, but it's sure he convinced me. That's what i have to fight with if i want to continue with this experience. Fight with all my 33 years back experiences, everyone of those eating meat.
I'll let you know...
Thank you for your time and attention.

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