Saturday, September 6, 2008

E Pluribus Unum.

As you can see from the coming soon picture, "E Pluribus Unum" is the motto that clearly appears on the seal of the President of the United States of America. It's Latin for "Out of Many, One". Officially there's two different ways to interpret this honorable concept: the first is that out of many colonies or states will emerge just one, powerful nation. The other meaning is that out of many people, races and ancestries will emerge a single people and nation illustrating the concept of "MELTING POT".
What i thought right after i learned this thing is that these two different ways to read this motto are just two different ways to run a country. This concept appears on the President seal, of course it's up to him the way he's gonna understand it. It's so clear the way Mr. Georgie Bush got it, or the way Mr. Clinton did, or Bush father as well.
I waited until the two conventions were over before to post again about this campaign for President of US, just because i was curious about the fact my feelings could change after listening the two acceptance speeches of Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain. My conclusions are that i don't intend to waste many words talking about the boring McCain and Palin (vice-president nominee) speeches. The reason stays inside what they talked about.
Ok, Capitan John McCain after a couple of thank you started his speech sending his gratefully to the actual, tragic, President Bush literally saying: "I'm grateful to the President of United States for leading us in these dark days following the worst attack in American history"...applause..."The worst attack on American soil in our history and keeping us safe from another attack that many, many thought was inevitable. And to the first lady"...applause..."And to the first lady Laura Bush a model of grace and kindness in public and private". It appears quite clear that Senator McCain believe that Bush made a good job only because when he was president it have been no terrorist's attack on US soil. He also believe that it have been no attacks because of Georgie's good job. All right? He also think that his poor wife -the First Lady that of course cannot wait her fucked up husband to finish this damn presidency to divorce- can make a very good Tea.
Now, the iron lady running for Vice-President did even better: "I think God's will has to be done in unifying people to get the gas lines built, so pray for that"..."Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders are sending [US soldiers] out on a task that is from God. That's what we have to make sure that we're praying for, that there's a plan and that plan is God's will".
It looks like Mrs. Palin believe that the wars involving United States are following the (her) God's will. The nominee at vice presidency believe that God could support a war. This is not a religious matter. This is a matter of going ahead telling lies to people pretending to get credit from an always too sleepy public opinion.
Mr. Palin Governor of the State of Alaska, let me tell you something: GOD IS THE OPPOSITE OF ANY FORM OF WAR.
All right, let's get back serious. Obama.
What impressed me at first, listening the Obama's beautiful acceptance speech he made in Denver, was about my working life. He told to the more than 75,000 people at the stadium and to the entire world that he wants an America where if you are a waitress, and you live with tips, you can take a day off to look after your kids without being afraid to loose the job. I mostly live with tips, mostly of the people i love live with tips. So, it was very nice to hear this thing from the man running for President, i enjoyed living that moment, the moment i heard that sentence. Beside this little personal things i very believe that the Obama's speech will remain impressed in the history of this country for many other reasons.
He finally and very clearly told the world what does "CHANGE" mean for his next presidency: "tax goes to American workers and small businesses who deserve it"..."i will cut tax for 95%of all working families"..."in 10 years we will finally end our dependence of oil from the middle east"..."as President i will invest in clean-cold technologies"..."i will invest 1.5 billion dollars of the next decade in affordable, renovable sources of energy, wind power, solar power, and the next generation of BIO-fuel"..."Now it's not the time for small plans, now is the time to finally meet our moral obligations".
Let me reflect a little bit on these few important arguments. 10 years to get independent form middle east, clean energy all over technologically advanced countries and still oil and carbon in the less-at-the-time few remaining countries. But in peace. Less developed countries will contribute more at the pollution than developed world, but the mass will be 90% less than now and the planet will absorb it with no problems. Countries with different religions in peace. With no energy excuses to fight each others. And than peace drops after peace drops...
We need a President that want to become independent from middle east countries because he's running a more advanced country, not just because he won a war or found other oil somewhere else. Oil is over. End of the story, let's start to face with it. So finally someone important, beside Al Gore, talked clearly announcing huge investments in clean energy. Finally.
The stadium also exploded when, after 35 minutes he said: "Surely we can agree that gay and lesbian, brothers and sisters, deserve to visit the person they love in the hospital and to live lives free of discrimination"..."this election has never been about me. It's about you".
The meaning of this last part is that now America has really to choose between two completely opposite ways. Going ahead with a 73 years old prisoner of war or changing with a young black new President. That's mean changing. For real. There's no more time. McCain simply cannot win. If this is what the majority of the population of the most powerful of the countries decide i don't even imagine what can happen in the really next future. I honestly confess that I'm really and seriously scared about it.
We don't have to forget Mr. Joe Biden, the guy who's gonna run for the vice-presidency of the United States. What i read about him is very nice, especially in foreign policy. But honestly the thing that interested me more is the fact that Obama didn't choose Mrs. Clinton. She could bring votes, money and make the life easier inside the Democratic Party. But Barack Obama did not care about it and chose the person who he think is the right person to build the change. No discounts. Especially in change of votes or money, the mechanisms that the new spirit is gonna involve and destroy the most. I cannot wait to see Obama as the next President of the United States. I cannot wait to be part of the change or to see and live it. E pluribus Unum.
Thank you for you time and attention.

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