Friday, October 10, 2008

Interview With Antonio Di Pietro.

Antonio Di Pietro
Italian Minister for Public Works in 1996
EuroParliament Member in 2004
Italian Minister of Infrastructures in 2006.
President of the Italia dei Valori Party.

PD: Peacedrops
AdP: Antonio Di Pietro

I'd like to invite you to read the articles i posted on Aug. 29 (Alitalia) Sept. 22 (coming next), Oct. 1 (upload) before reading the following interview. If you already did, or you already know the matter we are talking about than just enjoy the honor this great man gave this blog answering its questions.

PD: Again Mr. Di Pietro i really thank you for taking into consideration this young blog, that means you're really close to everyone of us, even if (like me) we live far away from home. I'd like to start asking you something about Alitalia. What's going on, did they sell it? Who's now the owner?
AdP: Thank you for this first question. When he was asked about the matter Mr. President Berlusconi said: "Mission accomplished". I wonder which mission was he talking about and which rescue was he dreaming about? Alitalia as a business company doesn't still exist anymore, bankrupt. In simple words we can say that now it had become a smaller company, victims: workers and tax payers. It looked to me like an extortion, a moral and politic extortion, that kind of things that disappear from newspaper in just a few days, like it effectively had happened in Italy. Now CAI (the Italian entrepreneurs and banks interested in buying the company without its debts of course) is starting and look for foreign buyers. I didn't get why the same State, the Italian Republic itself couldn't do it (like Prodi Government did with AirFrance -that up to now remain the best offer-).
PD: Looks like for you everything is Berlusconi's fault.
AdP: To be honest i really don't hate Mr. Berlusconi as a person. What i very don't like is that kind of politicians that always take position against poor not visible people and work hard to give more and more power to a few elite of lucky men. That's the point, you cannot even imagine how much i care at the future of workers that every month need to invent something new to get the 4th week without letting their kids without a meal, you cannot imagine how much i care at the future of our country, i put all my effort and the energy that God give to me everyday. The whole problem is that the Government don't care as i do.
Italia dei Valori (Italy of Values) party is always on the side of honest citizens and fight for their rights. You want an example? Yesterday (read Oct 7) at the Press Room of the Italian Chamber of Deputes took place a conference to announce the petition to promote Referendum against the "Lodo Alfano" and that will start on October the 11th in Piazza Navona, Rome. We'll all get to the Piazza to abolish an immoral and unconstitutional law. We think we're fighting a hard and with no-concessions war for legality, in a view to re-establish the equality of all Italians in front of the law.
PD: Polls tell us that since the last Italian general elections your Party the Italia dei Valori almost doubled the number of voters, but what exactely is this party, someone called it the "YouTube Party".
AdP: Polls tell us that Italia dei Valori is around an 8%. That's represent a wonderful result, a result that reminds us, every day, the big issues we have to face in respect of all that people that believe in what we do. We need to be constantly next to people to understand their problem and defend their rights. Nobody else does it in our country, we took charge of it. To improve this sort of direct line, direct touch with people we started, day after day, to use the internet as a main instrument. Did you know, for example, that everyone of the Italia dei Valori's member of the Italian Parliament regularly reply to the e-mails from private citizens? Our party is strictly connected with the base of our society. Of course, as the president, i do the same thing they do. I talk with people. I try to be punctual in replying to the plenty e-mails i receive everyday and i do the same with the questions that normal people ask me through the blog After so long there's a spontaneous direct relationship with citizens, i feel tied to them and this make me feel safe. Me and the Italia dei Valori Party will never get into the dark Italian power rooms.
PD: What kind of Government would you like to serve?
AdP: The Government of my dreams? The one that really get into the citizen's rights and fight for it. A Government that really respect people. A Government able to give back to our country the dignity and the respect it used to deserve, never forgetting the values coming from our incredibly amazing Constitution. Always, no exceptions.
PD: Thank you very very much President Di Pietro, please never give up, and thank you guys for your time and attention.

Many thanks to Mrs. Fabiola Paterniti, Capo-Ufficio Stampa President Di Pietro and Mrs. Sara Mangieri , National Vice-Coordinator of the Italia dei Valori Party.

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