Friday, November 28, 2008


...following his perfect Silvio Berlusconi style, the Italian Premier looks like he discovered the Internet. With this short post i admit with no problems that I'm usual to see some shows produced by the Berlusconi's media empire, i can do it thank to the web that let me watch for free, and from very far away from Italy, many interesting programs like "Le Iene" or "Striscia la Notizia". Couple of days ago I'm afraid someone in Mediaset's (Berlusconi's TV broadcasting) offices started to think that it was no fair that people like me could watch their programs without paying nothing, without dealing with their plenty advertisements... i don't blame them, they know their boss cares too much for money and everyone of us can remember the lawsuit with which Mediaset were accusing YouTube to use their property with no rights. Good morning guys, you know... Internet exists. So I'm sure they started and think how could they make their big boss happy, how could they make him proud of his crew, how could they obstacle life of thousands people watching the few good stuffs they do through the Internet space. Some of the programs had recently been cancelled from the videos section on, you can see the rest of the consequences of the new style coming from high with your eyes in the picture, basically you see everything like you are watching a Nokia cell phone. Pathetic, and unique i guess, and hope.
In Italy everybody know that the Prime Minister cannot suffer Internet, he cannot understand what it is for and above all he doesn't understand how to use it, if it was for Berlusconi the web could disappear from the face of earth today, and this is again another prove of it. Come on have you never guys seen something like that? A TV show watched from a cell phone display? That's ridiculous. Thank you for your time and attention.

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