Thursday, November 6, 2008


I'm sure I'm not able to explain you, how happy i am realizing that the President of United States of America is now Barack Obama. That's why i won't do it in this first post-election-post.
The feeling I'd like to share with you firstly is something that, i confess, bothers me a little bit: before the election i met a lot of Obama supporters, all of them are people that perfectly understand what CHANGE should mean, and above all, are people that showed me how much they care about this change and how much they need it, to live.
Today, the day after, every single person i know, every single person that sent me messages or e-mails, actually everyone of them was an Obama supporter, even if before yesterday they used to say things like "America is not ready" or "I'm not gonna put a Muslim into the White House". Should i take this like a good news, like a took of knowledge? I'd better prefer to tell them the truth, that is that the values, the speeches, the philosophy, the people, the change, the environment, that Obama will bring with his presidency represent exactly the contrary of their scale of values. I mean, people i know for sure that support the ridiculous Italian soft-dictator Mr. Berlusconi today sent me felicitations through the facebook, or people that cannot live without their expensive SUV sent me e-mails telling me the nightmare is over. All right, i know, to love and share ideals with Obama is not requested to be poor, but come on, if in your daily life you don't give a f..k about: sufference of people around you, environment and pollution, corruption in politics, super-power of corporations and insurances, human rights, censures... if you don't care about all those stuffs, i don't like to receive your happiness for the Barack's victory. What i like is to walk around my neighborhood (in Harlem) and to see into the eyes of many people, that don't know how to get tomorrow, a new hope, i loved when this morning i saw the people that i see everyday on the same sidewalk with a strange smile coloring their faces. So, I intend this as a sort of protest against all that people that call themselves with Obama because it's just cool, knowing a shit about what's going on in this crazy world. I don't think it's cool at all, i think that in most cases it's necessary, and being able to believe in certain kind of values means that you life hasn't always been that easy or comfortable. Got me? This was something i cared you to know right away after this amazing victory, i invite you to tell the people you know that, to support Obama, they need to share his Ideals and Values in their selfish daily life.
Ok, now i can start and tell you about the night between November 4th and 5th: the Great Night. I was home drinking a glass of terrible wine when i decided to open on my screen the life coverage of the event by CNN, BBC and FOX, simultaneously, it made me feel like an important journalist following the historic event, of course i was just listening at one. If you're wondering why i also opened a window on Fox, it's because: first when you are a famous journalist three is better than two, and second and most important, because Fox was covering with no comments the headquarter sites and a still camera was focused on the two stages (Chicago and Phoenix) where the two contendents where supposed to address, on the contrary, Cnn and Bbc were hosting people and talking about the magic night. I was very excited and the time was going very fast, the quality of the two network talk-shows was very good (don't wanna say nothing about Fox) and, beside the wine, i was enjoying my time pretty much. Something kept my curiosity around 11.20pm when John McCain showed out in Phoenix to pronounce his very good concession speech. I was looking at my screen when i saw the republican candidate appearing in the Fox and, after a few seconds, in the Bbc window. After 3 minutes, Cnn reached the two competitors and, keeping the sign "LIVE" programmed something that was already on air, live but not synchronized on the Fox and Bbc windows. I thought many causes could be responsible of that, for example the satellites orbit or other strange things that, i admit, i don't think i know about.
I had to wait less than an hour to see the elected President getting the stage in Chicago, of course Fox was the first (they had been shooting an empty stage for hours), in less than 30 seconds Bbc started live from Grant Park and Cnn? At the same time they were going ahead interviewing the funny couple you see in the picture i took with my phone at midnight. On the left you see Bbc (small) and Fox (big), on the right Cnn, down on the right you see my computer's watch on 12:10':14", consider that i keep my watches 10 minutes ahead 'cos I'm always late. I took that picture at 12.00am, Obama was already addressing and Cnn was interviewing the two most viewed guys in the history of the channel. Can someone tell me who these two guys are? Please leave comment if you know it. This time Cnn got the coverage at 12:00':37" while Bbc did it at 11:58':05, this time the mismatching is less than 3 minutes, it confirm that the satellite and my signal are not guilty and that maybe someone screwed up at Cnn, i mean, getting late, even if for 3 minutes, at the most important acceptance speech of the US history should be everything but smart. Thank you for your time and attention.

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