Monday, December 1, 2008

November's Gone.

Another month had been spent by every one of us, earthlings populating this great planet, or better what once ago was a very great planet, full of nature, colors, amazing smells and animals free to live with the beloved families they generated. But you know, things had changed, especially in the last 20/30 years and many reasons could be responsible for it. Things had changed big time, but what mostly contributed to this general impoverishment of life on this planet is our mind and our way to get and psychologically elaborate the things we see every day. We have many examples under our eyes of this gradual lost of values: how can a 12 yo guy be impressed and disgusted in seeing scenes from Baghdad when the same guy spent the last 5/7 hours killing people on his console? It's almost impossible he'll grow up considering as a holy value the one of life. I don't blame him, what he represent is just a victim of the system that purposely pushed him and his whole generation to consider normal what normal is not. I perfectly agree with those parents that told me with the playstation they could find a sip of time to dedicate to themselves instead taking care of the kids, but I'm 34, and I'd never had a console, i still don't miss it, we'd better start to consider the fact that kids need to re-discover what is the mining of sacrifice, since the beginning... they need to re-deal with feelings like disappointment and delusion to form their consciences in a right way, we cannot accept to put them in front of bloody screens to avoid they start to claim our attention, if you are busy just don't give it to them, if they cry put on you earphones.
I confess the couple of times i played, i got right away that i could get addicted like a high school kid, that's why i kept my self far away from that stuffs, you know, you can enjoy cocaine but once you get that is dangerous for your body and brain you don't use it. Maybe we could try and consider consoles like drugs, because that's exactly what i think they are. At least we could try to ban certain kind of games that inevitably influence children high receptive brains, letting them consider normal things like wars, fights or the possibility to be called to kill someone once in live, they consider the news coming from all over the world and showing them thousands of dead bodies anything else than the prove that the game they just finished to play is a precious training to what they'll expect to find in the reality. Unfortunately to achieve the great result of total consoles' disappearing from the face of earth we don't need to fight with the producers nor the children, the adults need to find a way out from this bad habit, or brain illness if you prefer.
Same exactly matter with animals. Going to the circus or watching animals' performances on TV, we and our sons had modified the way to interpret animals' lives. Anytime we enter a supermarket (above all in United States), we step by miles of line refrigerators full of any kind of meat, the red carpet that welcomes you into the store is stuffed with deaths and sufferance. In this case, meat is not as dangerous for brain and sociability as consoles are, though i don't feel to invite any one of you to consider it like a drug, even if the quantity of meat under market disposal push a fresh mind to consider it with no intrinsic value putting child's brain under the same consequences X-box does: lost of consideration for any body's else life, human or animal. Life is precious, that's why in a consumption era like this, where anything is measured throughout its price, meat is so cheap, nobody cares for the animals' lives and families, we should claim Governments to put limits to familiar meat consumption in a way to avoid collectivity to take charge of all this fuckin cardiovascular sickness due to the excessive quantity we normally eat. I'd like every one of us to start and think a way to drastically reduce the number of animals we kill to eat and to have fun because fortunately (until now) we are not aside from nature, we are ourselves nature, and if we are forced to eat something once used to have its own life and soul cos we need proteins or bullshit like those, in this case just do it considering you're chewing the father, the Mather or the kid of some one else, what i mean is just diminish meat consumption and, any time you eat it, just respect the sacrifice that nature accept to gift you with such a tasty pleasure. I took these two examples (there's many others) of lost of interest for life on the purpose to find another occasion for signaling you the great "Earthlings" documentary responsible to stop my meat eater's habit, you'll find a direct link just clicking on the "make the connection button" - scroll your right to last icon-(95 min.). Every month i like to upload my vegetarian situation with you and, like the past months i confirm that i feel healthier and above all more involved in others' lives and problems. Human or Animal.
Thank you for you time and attention.

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