Friday, December 5, 2008

I couldn't find any title to introduce this video. As you can perfectly understand even if everything take place in Italian, we are attending at the press conference by which Minister Sacconi (Public Health) and Minister Tremonti (Economy) presented the "Social Card", a monthly 40 euros bonus for poorest families. Ok this article is not into criticize these kind of anti-crisis public programs, even if i think this spaghetti social card is a bullshit -like 95% of Berlusconi Governments' decisions- i also can affirm that few money for few people is better than zero money for everybody. I'm putting this video under you attention because i wonder if in other countries in the world people detaining the power look so retarded as our two friends do, i mean for sure there's places where governors are more corrupted or less honest than Italians (change for sure with maybe) but yes, this time with no doubts, there's no country where governors are dumber. You can perfectly hear how many journalists and reporters tried to tell, to the same ridiculous persons that invented the card, to turn it upside down, but nothing, they couldn't be able. Now my question: is that possible in 2008 that we continue to be forced to have such retarded mother fuckers to take care of million people's communities? C'mon, can we organize attitudinal tests before deciding to give such responsibilities to politicians that aren't even able to understand what is the right side of a card?
I have no other words but thank you for your time and attention.

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