Friday, January 18, 2008

Mastella and the NYC Columbus Day.

He always reminded me Quimby. The deeply corrupt Mayor of Sprinfield. Always on trouble and always saved when hope is almost gone. I always asked myself how he does it. The picture you see represents a leisurely moment of a very important State transfer: Mastella, his wife and many other useless lower level politicians from the Region of Campania following their padrino. Their visit (Mastella didn't sleep at the Harlem YMCA) cost a lot of money, taxpayer's money. European too. Some italian guys, that day, came to him and asked if he considered that a scandal. He answered that he couldn't understand why in 2007 everyone was so shocked by the common presence of an italian politician at the Columbus Day celebrations. He said you don't like that i'm here, why you didn't protest last year when someone else was here instead of me? As I know, Mastella partecipated in the Columbus Day 2006, 2005...I think he's a genius. He said that he took "Lindberg's flight" to get U.S. Wikipedia clarified that what Mastella meant was that he flew in economy class or something like that. UNBELIEVEBLE. Mastellas' Columbus Day trip included himself, his ridicolous wife and hundreds of bureaucratic idiots on vacation. All the money that could have been used to build infrastructures and schools. But he never cared about that. Exactely like the Mayor Quimby. Next time i'll tell you about how Mastella used the State's plane to go and see la "Rossa" at the Grand Prix in Monza.

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