Thursday, January 17, 2008

Luigi De Magistris at the European Parliament.

I'm so excited. As i decided to begin this blog Mastella's wife has been arrested. I mean, she had been put under house arrest. This is a fantastic news for a corrupt world. Mastella is the "Padrino" of the Udeur party and 23 members of the Udeur party in the Region of Campania have been put under arrest too which means almost the complete establishment operating in that region. The tribunal betrayed the party as a criminal organization, which in fact is what i think they are. Finally, Mr. Mastella is no longer Justice Minister (can you believe he actually was?)... but his beautiful and stupid wife (from their huge Villa in Ceppaloni, her golden prison) is still the President of the Council of the Campania Region. AMAZING. I posted this video because i'd like you to know who Luigi De Magistris is, the prosecuting attorney that Mastella arranged to transfer beacuse of his investigation about him and the Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi.

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