Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hi everybody. In creating this blog i'd like to know why you don't like the world we live in togheter. Every little thing that makes you upset with this world interests me. And if you're upset because of the war in Iraq, because of the banks, because sometimes you feel like living in a police state, or if you are sad because your son is not becoming the football champion or the architect that his father used to dream about... just write it down and think that maybe your son doesn't care about it, but this kind of world forced him to become someone who he doesn't care to be.... I'm italian and i sincerely apologize if at times my english isn't fluent as i'd like it to be, but i know that i'll put all my effort into getting my message through. I'd like this blog to represent a big window into my country, Italy, a county suffering because of a deepening death of ethics. Sometimes i may post text or videos in italian and i hope to be able to traslate it for you. Welcome to my home, please be polite an let me know what do you think the problem is.

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