Monday, January 28, 2008


This post is dedicated to all the people that continue to go to Kenya on vacation or continue to buy houses over there knowing nothing about the war taking place in that beautiful State of Africa. I don't want to condemn the choice of Kenya for a vacation, going there, you and your stupid tourism, surely help (without knowing it) the local communities...your money is really precious for the people who live there. What I pretend is just, please, get informed, go there and bring with you all the respect that a suffering population deserve. Starting from the fact you don't give a fuck about Kenya, and Kenya civil deaths, i decided to inform you about that. You think that you'll help Kenya giving some money to the children you meet during your occidental shopping? You think you'll help Kenya giving good tips to the guys who work at your luxurious residence? You'll help Kenya just informing yourself and the people you know in your own country about the situation that's going on over there. Everything began on last Dec. 2007, when presidential elections were planned...civil unrest erupted after incumbent Mwai Kibaki was declared winner of the country's presidential elections on Dec. 27th. Supporters of Kibaki's opponent, Raila Odinga, went on a rampage in several parts of the country, burning shacks, shops and cars. Simultaneously, it has been alleged that Kenyan police fatally fired upon demonstrators. Human Rights Watch investigations indicate that, after Kenya's disputed elections, opposition party officials and local elders planned and organized ethnic-based violence in the Rift Valley, the attacks, targeting mostly Kikuyu and Kisii people in and around the town of Eldoret, could continue unless the Government and the opposition act to stop the violence. What's Kikuyu and Kisii? The Kikuyu are Kenya's most populous ethnic group (about 22% of Kenya's total population). They cultivate the central fertile highlands and are also the most economically active ethnic group in Kenya. Kisii is a community who inhabit the Kisii District in Nyanza, Western Kenya. They are, as well, one of the most economically active communities in Kenya. Opposition leaders are right to challenge Kenya's rigged presidential pool, but they can't use it as an excuse for targeting ethnic groups. There is evidence that ODM (opposition) politicians and local leaders actively fomented some post election violence, and the authorities should investigate and make sure it stops now. The number of deaths since last December is almost 800. I'll post again and soon about the Kenya's situation, i posted this first article in a view to have together an idea about what's going on over there. Thank you for your time and attention. - -

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