Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sept 17th 2007. University of Florida.

- Sottotitoli in italiano -

It looks like that guy was a dangerous killer, full of weapons of mass distruction as:...books (the worst ones for some people). If you never read so you don't know. If you just watch tv, you'll never know. Try to take a look at the Greg Palast web site. It's nice...maybe intresting, it depends from what kind of person you are. Naturally, i think, you'll never have to take any word, anywhere coming from, too seriously... lately i'm trying to do that, since i stopped watching tv. Only movies on dvd...movies are nothing more than fiction of reality, "tv + cinema" same message, i think. So handle it with attention, like a fragile box, but take a look at gregpalast.com. Thank you for your time and attention.

- This blog doesn't support David Icke -
(i don't know his works enough to have a correct idea. That's the reason, actually i respect him as a comunicator af a different point of view).

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