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Berlusconi and friends. Part 2.

...Fortunately, Mr. D'Angerio, escaped from Mangano and his crew, got a Polizia district and told them everything. The police contacted Berlusconi right away and asked if he knew that his stable keeper, sometimes had fun kidnapping his best friends. A normal landlord, at this point, could think: maybe Mangano is not the right man to live here. But Mangano worked for Silvio two more years this incident. Silvio is so naive. During this two years Mangano have been arrested several times, and every time, after prison, he returned to Villa Casati Stampa and he he was welcomed by Silvio and Marcello as a son is coming back form college. What a sweet environment. Time after time, after the second arrest, Italian newspapers started to write about Berlusconi hosting a mafioso in his house, so Mangano went to Marcello Dell'Utri asking if it was true he continued to living there. He was so polite don't you think? Marcello said that there was no problem at all, he was a friend, and a friend is much more important than a newspaper article. But Vittorio insisted: "i cannot stay here anymore, Silvio Berlusconi is losing his reputation because of me, and for this i feel very guilty, please let me go". And finally Vittorio left Berlusconi's house. Note: Mangano asked to go! Neither Berlusconi nor Marcello Dell'Utri asked him to leave the house. After he left the villa, he continued to see his friend Marcello. One night they had a really nice dinner in one of Milano's famous restaurant. The dinner was held to celebrate a birthday, the birthday of Mr. Antonino Calderone from Ctatania. Godfather. The dinner was celebrated less than a month after Mangano left the house. Incredible. So, during a procediment, the prosecutor asked Marcello: "I'm sorry Mr. Dell'Utri but why did you attend that dinner?". The answer is amazing: "Because i knew Mangano was a mafioso, i was very afraid of him. So everytime he invited me somewhere i wasn't brave enough to say no. I remember that dinner, nobody introduced me to anyone". Poor Marcello, at a godfather birthday dinner, with a big long table full of "uomini d'onore" and the children table. Alone. This happened on Oct. 1976. On '77 Dell'Ultri quit Fininvest, one of the Berlusconi's mega entrprises. He left because of a lost promotion he supposedly deserved. So Dell'Utri started to work with Mr. Rapisarda who had a criminal record longer than the Mangano's. Mr.Rapisarda elected Dell'Utri as General Extcutive Manager of one of his many entreprises. Marcello brought this activity into bankruptcy fraud in less than one year. One...AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH. After this Marcello's brother had been put under arrest. Mr. Rapisarda escaped to Venezuela hosted by the "clan" Cuntrera-Caruana. And Dell'Utri? Poor Marcello occuped Rapisarda's house, like he did Berlusconi's. Poor Marcello. Just as i find Berlusconi to be a very likeable man, i find Marcellino such a sad and unlucky guy. In that period nobody could understand how Marcello Dell'Utri could live without a job...the only thing we know is that Marcello started to see Vittorio Mangano again, and had made also some deal with him. Something about "horses". In 1980 Giovanni Falcone (wikipedia will tell you who this wonderful man was) had Vittorio Mangano arrested. During that same time another mafia godfather was getting married in London. This guy used to deal drugs from England to Italy and Canada. He was the king of cocaine in all three countries. Mr. Gimmy Fauci. Who do you think was invited to his wedding? The entire "cosa nostra" establishment: there was Francesco Di Carlo too, the alleged murderer of Roberto Calvi (wikipedia). There was Marcello also. In London. At the wedding of an internationally known "cosa nostra"s godfather. So the prosecutors asked to Marcello why after living with mafiosos and attending godfathers birthday's dinners, why he also was in London that day. The day of the wedding. From the answer we can finally understand what kind of man is Marcello Dell'Utri. In Italy we say: without bones, or balls. He said: "I was in London to visit a museum, there was a really interesting exhibiotion about Viking Age". And only after arriving in London did i casually meet Tanino Cina'. You'll remember for sure the loundry (foundry) owner who introduced Marcello to Mangano. In London is very common to meet loundry owners from Palermo. And than Dell'Utri said: "Nobody introduced me to anyone". Again. But Marcello do n't you smell something bad? Michele Santoro (a great italian journalist) asked him how he could not have recognized such an important mafia reunion. Marcello said: "How could I? Everyone was dressed in ties". Dell'Utri cannot recognize a mafioso without a gun or a coppola on the head. And Santoro asked again: "But Mr. Dell'Utri you usually go to the Viking exhibition dressed in a tie?".

Marcello Dell'Utri was, and still is, one of the closest Silvio Berlusconi's collaborators. Silvio Berlusconi is the owner of italian media. He owns banks, insurances, newspapers etc...He is one of the most important italian politicians too. We'll talk about him again.

This article was a partial translation of a Marco Travaglio interview. You can see it on you tube. Marco travaglio: "Perche' Berlusconi e dell'Utri sono mafiosi".

Pics. Part. 1: Silvio Berlusconi - Vittorio mangano - Marcello Dell'Utri.
Pic. Part. 2: Silvio Berlusconi.

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