Saturday, January 19, 2008

Berlusconi and friends. Part 1.

Unfortunately this is a true story. Marcello Dell'Utri and Silvio Berlusconi met each others in 1965 while studing law (you'll find it very funny) at the Milano Statale University. Soon after they became close friends. Different path separated them for a long time, Marcello came back to Palermo (Sicily) to work at a bank, and Silvio started to build a building after another...though nobody knows where the money he needed to do this came from. But this is not the point. In 1973 Berlusconi built the first of the many villas he owns today. Silvio decided right away to restyle of "Villa Casati Stampa" and, to do that, he urgently needed a secretary and problem solver, the kind of guy who would always be present. Who better than his old friend Marcello Dell'Utri? Villa Casati Stampa is located in Lombardia, in northern Italy, it's the richest italian Region. And there is: NO FUCKIN SECRETARY. Marcello at the time was still living in Palermo, on the opposite side of the Belpaese. But Silvio immediately thought: he's my man. Marcello, poor guy, was so bored.. his life was very empty, he couldn't continue working at the bank (doing this kind of job in Palermo is very stressful, believe me)...he was supposed to have made a better life for himself and, when Berlusconi asked about coming with him to Milano...he didn't even let Silvio finish the sentence. So they went back to Milano, living together in the notorious Villa. Upon arriving, the first thing they thought they needed was a stable keeper. Now, i know that's pretty unbelieveble, but in the Region of Lombardia you can find everything, than secretaries and...stable keepers. Please note that Brianza in the Region of Lombardia is a mostly rural area. But Silvio and Vittorio couldn't find anyone. Dell'Ultri started to search in other nothern italian regions like Piemonte, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Liguria...and than Toscana, Marche, Umbria Campania...but nothing. No-th-in-g. He was so tired and depressed. Out of the 60 milions italians, nobody wonted to work in the Berlisconi's house. AH AH AH AH AH AH AH. Last chance: Palermo. Sicily. Almost 800 miles away from the villa. But finally, over there, he met the only one person in Italy who was willing. The elected. His name was (is dead on June 2000) Vittorio Mangano. Not a very good stable keeper but, unfortunately, a very good mafioso. Obiouvsly they hired him, and tall came back together to Milan. Vittorio Mangano brought with him: wife, two doughters, and mother in law. What a nice, beautiful story, Vittorio now has a new life. Exactely like marcello had. Far from the poor Region of Sicily and its bad companies. But how did Vittorio Mangano know Marcello Dell'Utri? Mangano was introduced to Marcello by Mr. Tanino Cina'. Tanino owned a loundry in Palermo and obiouvsly he have been sentenced for mafia related work many times. Vittorio Mangano lived in Villa Berlusconi from 1973 to 1975, doing everything than the job he was hired for. He brought Berlusconi's kids to school, he brought Berlusconi to his offices...breakfast, lunch and dinner always with Silvio. Exactely like a bodyguard. Mangano was feeling like living at his own home with Silvio, so he started to invite some friends from Palermo to visit him at the Berlusconi's house. Many sentences showed that those friends were fugitive of the law at the time. All living confortably together in Silvio Berlusconi's house. Can you imagine? When the prosecutos asked Marcello Dell'Utri who he thought those people were, he answerred that they were not the kind of people who liked questions. One night Mangano and his likeable friends kidnapped a very close friend of Berlusconi, Mr. D' be continued...

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