Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stop hate America"ns".

I'd like to remind to myself and to the people who's reading my posts that this space is not anti America or against Americans, America doesn't represent just war, America means beautiful and safe cities like New York where you can breath new hope everywhere...lots of young people following their own dreams, studying, working in restaurants, playing on stages...i also can say that my American friends are beautiful persons...this is the city where I'm honored to live. I'm Italian, and my country knew me so well, but didn't give me the opportunities that a city that never met me, gave me in less than a year. I'm not talking about money, i don't give a fuck about money, i mean that what i felt arriving here was a friendly city, a little bit raw, but likeable and sometimes funny. New York is ok guys. I think that America (and it's citizens) is not the same thing that her President or establishment of powers. Are we all Italians like Mastella? Are all Germans like Hitler? That's why i wanna say thank you to this country at the risk to be not-so-much-popular among European "peacifists" that maybe never sow cities like New York. I believe that the Good Side of America will win. Like the Good Side of Italy. Thank you for your time and attention.

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