Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A true story.

I'd like to tell you a story. The story talks about James, Elizabeth and Nena. Nena is a girl coming from Philippine and going to Los Angeles looking for a better quality for her life. On her way she found two beautiful persons: James and Elizabeth. They were very rich, James was a kind of important and respected man, the couple let Nina living in their luxurious condominium in Culver City. But soon, some problem came out: James and Elizabeth knew that Nena's visa was expired, they knew that Nina was working illegally for them. But they were really helpful, so decided to forget about it and didn't contact the strange, James is a famous lawyer, he should know the law. You know, sometimes keeping a secret give to the person who knows it a big power, maybe this person can use this power in a not so nice way against another person and... who knows... he can do things like the followings:
The couple's former, Nena Ruiz, alleged the couple forced her to work 18-hours days at their Culver City condominium for several months from 2001 to 2002. Nina claimed in a civil lawsuit that Elizabeth Jackson regularly slapped her and pulled her hair. She also said she was forced to sleep on a dog bed and was given three-day-old food. The Jacksons only paid her $300 per month for her work, and threatened to turn her over to immigration authorities if she left them, Ruiz claimed. She said she finally fled after she was struck on the mouth with a water bottle.
Elizabeth took full responsability in front of the judge. "In my life i have always tried and strived to do the right thing" she said. "I failed in this case".
James Jackson did not speack in court.
This is a really bad story of slavery, but is a really bad story about the world. James Jackson is former vice-president at Sony Pictures. I know Sony Pictures is completely and -ABSOLUTELY NOT INVOLVED- in this sad performance of one of its highest level directors. But, i guess, so many time Mr. Jasckson represented Sony Pictures... and why not in this case? Can one of the boss of Sony Pictures be such a kind of man? And if the most were like him? If corporations betray people like the Jacksons betrayed Nena? I don't know if i support this theory either, but surely, it makes me think. I mean, was the first thing i thought as i read the article. But it's impossible, it's just a feeling, nothing more, forget about it. Thank you for your time and attention.

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