Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I'd like to tell you about something happened to me this afternoon. I was riding the train to go from Harlem to the East Village. I was sitting close to a beautiful girl. She had a really strong energy, I was spying her while she was smiling to children and helping an old woman to comfortably sit down. Her name is Luna (moon in Italian), she is from Somalia and moved to United States 21 years ago. As she smiled me I started to talk with her and she proptly recognized my Italian accent, right away she started and speak Italian. Her Italian surprised me very much, I asked her why she was able to speak my language that way, I didn't remember that Somalia was the most important Italian colony during fascism. She told me about the beautiful Italian movies she used to watch in theaters, she was so excited while talking about her beautiful childhood. She told me about the amazing buildings Italians made during their "occupation". You know, I'm totally against every kind of dictature, I think Mussolini was a big mother fucker but the way she let me understand how nice were Italian people with locals, gave me the sensation to be really proud to be Italian and it doesn't happen so often believe me. She told me that she used to travel to Italy many times 'cos she was a model, she met a couple of times really famous Italian stylists like Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani. When she met me, she just had played the lottery in a view to realize her dreams: apply for a famous New York's fashion school, buy an apartment in Soho and create fancy hand bags. Luna is one of the most naive person I ever met in my life. After telling me about her dreams she asked me to pray for her to realize all the plans she have for the life. I asked her: "What kind of God do you want me to pray?". I was sure she was muslim...but she answered me that everyday she pray a different God. She think that God Himself created different religions, hoping that human kind would have been able to build the conditions to let everyone on the hearth living peacefully. Interesting point of view. 14th street/8th avenue stop surprised me, for the first time I was sorry to get my destination, we got out the train together, we went up to the first floor together and when I continued straight to get L train to 1st. avenue, she took the way to exit...I stopped her giving the address of this blog but she told me she doesn't have any internet connection. She sent me a kiss putting her hand on the mouth saying 'ciao amore'.
Thank you for your time and attention.

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