Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome to United States of Europe.

Hi everybody, in Italy we use to say: "Chi la fa, l'aspetti" that means: if someone do something bad to you, late or soon something bad is gonna happen to him. That's what I thought as I read about the new rules to enter in Europe. The Italian European Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs, Franco Frattini, declared that non-Europeans would need to submit biometric data like fingerprints and facial scans before being allowed to enter in Europe, according to a draft proposal expected to go before the European Commission this week. These measures will be applied to citizen of the United States and other countries who can now enter Europe without any visas. Can you believe that? Americans that give fingerprints to Europeans to enter Europe, Europeans that give fingerprints to Americans to enter United States...doesn't sound like...crazy? I mean, is there someone, among American or European citizens that feel these kind of measures like a violation? I honestly don't think that most part of EU-USA citizens believe that these kind of restrictions could give more protection to them. Am I crazy if i say that I don't understand this? Ok, this is what I think: American authorities are afraid that between European citizens entering United States there should be terrorists, so American authorities require for EU citizens entering fingerprints and facial scans...European authorities do the same for American citizens...US controls don't take into consideration that some American citizen could be a terrorist, but EU border controllers suspect that. I wonder: Americans control Europeans, and Europeans control Americans? What next? Do I have to be fingerprinted or face scanned if I move from a city to another in the same State? And than...should I require a fingerprint or a DNA test if someone is going to have a dinner in my house? How can be possible that we are going to live a world that push you to suspect of everyone you meet. Is the concept of dangerous person different in Europe and in United States? I don't think so, and why don't they pretend some kind proof from domestic flights as well? They will...believe me. So for Europeans is impossible that an European citizen could be a terrorist, but this is possible for American Authorities...these last don't consider possible that a US citizen could be a terrorist, but for EU this should be possible... Is this straight? I don't think that all the terrorist attacks happened because of low controls in the airports, as I don't think that terror among west and civilized countries stopped thank to the new anti-privacy rules. Your privacy, not Bin Laden's. Do you really feel more protected? If yes, I'm really happy for you, but I don't. Thank you for your time and attention.

- New York Times -

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