Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Kind of World Is This?

Is this the kind of world you'd like to live in? I don't think so. I'm so scared and impressed looking what's going on in Tibet. It's so curious but I'm not partucularly angry with China and it's fuckin army. We already know them, we already know they are distroying the world to submit everyone under their economic supremacy. The thing that makes me very scared is that I've the feeling that what's happening in Tibet is exactely representing the situation going on among the entire world. The whole planet politicians are supporting Chinese repression. The entire world is following the economic-power-religion. In this post I'd like to take into consideration two different points of view, the religious as first and the politic one as second. So, if you believe in God, you could better understand the religious side of what's going on in the world and, particularly, in Tibet: God is loosing his war. I mean, God will never loose, but He's surely loosing His hope that giving freedom to men everything should have been fixed in peace and fraternity. Tibet is one of the most important representation of God's presence in the world. Tibetans apply in the best possible way what God loved to see all over the world: no-violence, simple life, eating the fruits of hearth without destroying it, loving heach others...Tibet is one of the youngest population in the world, majority of Tibetans are under 40 years old. They love each other and their families. They live a paradise, the same place where, in this exact moment, chinese contractors are building karaoke theaters and discoteques, just at the end of the stairs of Potala Palace in Lhasa. Commerce, money activities, alchool, the border of silencious and Holy Temples everywhere in Tibet. I'm sure I read something like that on the Bible, and Jesus Wasn't so happy about that. But you also should think: but if God is Good, why is the world so bad? Because God is Good at the point to leave every man on the hearth free to follow his conscience to decide what is right or wrong. And to give this freedom to mankind He lost His Son. That's why God is suffering so hard right now, I think. So the Pope? Where the fuck is the fuckin Pope? Why he just said a couple of words talking about Tibet? I'm sure if he, or one of his close slaves was living the same situation of the Dalai Lama, His Holyness will help him risking His own life. Shame on you Cardinal Ratzinger, you represent the contrary of God. So, this is the situation my friends...I'm afraid Tibet is going to disappear, this means that another, important step is going to be done to our self distruction or, better, to achieve our time to face how much God is disappointed. If you are religious nothing reminding you the bible is happening on the hearth? Something showing the power of God and Nature agaist men? Tsunamy? New Orleans? Mah. Ok, should we say something about the politics? Do I have to remind you that the President of United States of America, in the middle of Tibet's disorders, said that he will be pleasured to attend the opening of Beijing Olympic Games? I think there is not so much more to say about the politic situation, I think this is clear enough. But, ok, let's betray Bush like chineses, let's think that we have to deal with him for a couple of months more, after that he'll complete his alchoolic carreer I bet somewhere in Texas, I don't hate him, I try to understand him (read "The Bush Tragedy" by Jacob Weisberg). You'll better understand that maybe he's a good guy, more victim than guilty. I mean, Bush is Bush, we know him, let's be patient for some months, he can say all the bullshits he wants, he's excused. It's like you try to deeper understand the behaviour of a serial killer after knowing he was raped by his parents many many many times during his childhood. Something like that. Ok Bush, but the ONU? Where is it...or better, what is it? It doesn't exist, is the most important reunion of all world's countries together in the same room at the same time. It is the useless fuckin reunion of people of the world. I don't understand... when they are against a war, the war take place, when they are close to africans, africans die, I don't know...I don't know what the hell are they doing. I don't know. Nobody knows. At the end, I think there is a third poind of view, strictly connected with the second one. The economic point of view, the one that makes evil's victory easier. Unfortunately Tibet is one of the most beautiful place in the worls, but there is no oil...there is nothing than everything. That's exactely what God means I guess. If you are religious I invite you to pray for Tibet and the Dalai Lama, you can obiouvsly pray any God you believe in, He will know His Holyness for sure...if you are not religious just keep yourselves informed the more you can. You, as a man or a woman, cannot support the terrible things happening simply being disinformed. Remember, if anyone of the most powerfull countries take position pro Tibet, that means that your television will take pro-tibet positions less and less in the next times. So look for your informations and make your own researches, 'cos tv is not enough. TV is nothing. Books, web, and a little tv. Thank you for your time and attention.

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alessandra said...

Dear Nucci,
thanks a lot for the energy and power
of your voice.This kind of world we live needs people like you that can spend freetime struggling against injustices.As you know I've been in Tibet twice and I love this beautiful country so close to the sky that really seems a corner of Paradise.A perfect armony between snowy mountains, singin' rivers,lakes as mirror reflectin'blue skys, enormous green valleys and people livin' there.They are so great that it's difficult to explain, but if you meet one of them in NYC or everywhere and you talk with him you can understand what is buddhist pity.A kind of love for the next one like a mother for her babies, a love that can exceed and forgive anything.I read somewhere God permitted chinese people invade Tibet in this way Tibetan people would have gone all over the world
to teach and let know Tibetan Buddhism.The sacrifice of a people to save and convert this.."kind of world". But you're very lucky, Nucci, you're living in NYC and I know that a big tibetan community lives there.Find them and enjoy their friendship and ask them what really we can do to give some help.