Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hey, I'm Still Alive.

I would like to say sorry to everyone of the few people that daily open this blog page. I came back to New York from Italy Tue March 25th, I started work right the day after no stop for two weeks, lots of hours per day. But I got the money to pay $1,325 rent in less than ten days! I'm so proud of it, that was my first mission coming back to New York after 10 -expensive- days in Italy. I re-starded my NYC life in a kind of working-sleeping-working-sleeping way. Or better: working-smoking-drinking-sleeping way. After two weeks I feel so bad, I have a bad cold with a really cool cough. But finally I had time to get back to my readers! During the last fifteen days I had a lot of time to think about what should I write -once I had time- on my blog. Going down town by train everyday, helps me so much when I've no idea about what I'd like to communicate you through this free web space. For example I'm reading a really interesting book about the private side of the Bush family, don't worry it's not by Stephen King, but it's by Jacob Weisberg...maybe in the next post I could tell you about this book...or maybe -still thinking on it- this space shoud become more personal, but always looking at the world, and what is going on around it. Sometimes the wars supposed to be huge are smaller than the little ones we live daily, even in the restaurant where I work. I told you, I'm still thinking on it but maybe you should be interested also at the wars I see everyday with my own eyes. Wars involving my people, my friends, my life. I will surely dedicate a large space at the up-coming Italian -uncostitutional- elections. I'd like to talk about the next Beijing Olympic Games, I'd like to tell you also about the Pope coming to New York. The things we should inform each oter are very much. Ok, it's time to go to sleep, but I'd like you to know that I love everytime I see that 10/15 people connected to this blog, maybe it's just a way to feel some friends closer...don't you think it's important? Well, I think it's foundamental. So, I'm back. Thank you for your time and attention.

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