Thursday, May 15, 2008


President Bush is going for an official visit to the Middle East. He will meet in Sharm el-Sheikh -in a resort- with handful of big names... Egyptians, Palestinian, Iraqui leaders... poor Georgie, you should imagine how much work for his tired, and not so interested brain. I think Bush is the first that cannot wait for the end of this damn presidency. Anyway, just wanna let you know what he, and his Secretary of State told to the press announcing the trip:
Rice: "Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement might be improbable but it's not impossible".
President Bush: "I think we can, I really do. We are going to work hard for that end. Look it's hard I understand that".
I'm not sure they're coming back from there with a peace agreement signed in their hands. Anyway, good luck guys, have fun, send a post card from the resort, don't drink too much and don't play too hard with narguile'. Thank you for your time and attention.

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