Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wrong Man - Wrong Place.

As everyone knows a terrible cyclone destroyed Burma's coasts 10 days ago. More than 30,000 died, almost 30,000 are missing. The thing that drive me crazy is that nowadays - after 10 days- people cannot reach the humanitarian aids that could save hundreds of thousands of lives. Why? Because the military junta that control the power in the region doesn't allow the presence of international organizations inside Burma's territory. That's why i read a poll on time.com asking if it should be the case to invade Burma or not. Oh my God, the world is so fucked up that nations, to help each others, need to invade each others. So weird. France's junior minister for human rights told reporters that if the Burmese government continues to bar aid, France, Britain and Germany will soon press the United Nations to authorize shipments without permission.
Than Shwe is the president of the terrible dictature ruling in Burma, they call it military junta, or State Peace and Developpement Council or, the most recent, State Law and Order Restoration Council. But is nothing else than a regime. It's not a news that Than Shwe shows a little regard for human rights, free press and free speech are non-existant in Burma. The junta uses systematic rape, torture, summary executions and disappearances to control the people. Meanwhile, Than Shwe and other top leaders enjoy a very comfortable life style. The opulence with wich the junta surround themselves was put on display in a video of the wedding reception of Shwe daughter Thandar, and an army major, you can see it on youtube (Than Shwe daughters wedding). You'll see ropes of diamonds, a solid gold bridal bed, and huge amount of champagne, the perfect outrage to people inside Burma and around the world. These beautiful persons are hadling the situation post cyclone, they are supposed to take care of the population. Should I laugh or should I cry? Unfortunately the poor Burmese have to wait a little bit more to get some food and drinking water. Exactely in these days there's an important politic referendum in Burma, that kind of things that dictatures use to do in a view to eternally confirm their power, that kind of elections where electoral forms are given already signed to the people. Anyone among the junta would like international observers inside the county during the electoral operations...can you believe it? So people can die. Who gives a fuck. This is Mr. Shwe dilemma: if he opens the doors to large numbers of foreigners he may never be able to seal the country again against the outside influences and interferences it dreads. Keeping most foreign assistance out, though, the general must be ready to accept the death of hundreds of thousands more people. You know, people like you and me is dying minute after minute, children, women no matter how many, what I care is that this people is dying and suffering because of a wrong man in a wrong place, just kick his ass out and help them. Thank you for your time and attention.

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