Monday, September 22, 2008

Coming Next: Interview with Antonio Di Pietro.

Antonio Di Pietro at his desk in the Italian Parliament.

It's a big pleasure for me to inform you that Antonio Di Pietro accepted to release an interview with Peacedrops.
So, let's talk a little bit about this man before he tells us what's going on in Italy.
We could say a lot of things about Mr. Di Pietro, about his long and hard career or about the important, Institutional roles he covered during it. Well, I'll do it, but before, I'd like you to know what is my feeling when i think at this man. I see Antonio Di Pietro like one of the last honorable public Italian men, every time i hear his speeches or i read his articles it's like to be in front of a guy that spend every day, hour and second of his life to fight a war for legality, always close to the poorest and "less-connected" people.
Antonio Di Pietro is a strong, lucid, focused, member of the Italian Parliament, Founder and President of "Italia dei Valori" party and this is one of the many reasons why, every Italian knows him.
Surely his charisma and the colorful and extremely clear way he express his ideas are part of the success of the politician, but i think Mr. Di Pietro is not just a successful politician, i think he is a successful man.
I consider a man, who dedicate his life (in Italy) to fight against corruption, power abuses, inequity of justice, a successful man...any way.
A man who can look inside himself -and his past- and see everything clear, a man who can be able to enter and move in the dark palaces of power never being involved in illicit or semi-licit traffics (in Italy), i think a man like this, is what everyone should consider "successful".
You know, anyone of us has different point of views, that's why i guess President Berlusconi doesn't look at him like a successful man, probably for the rich and "botoxed" President the meaning of success is money and power when, on the opposite side, Antonio thinks that it means helping people and cleaninig the Italian bad smelling Institutions. Two different concept of success you see? Consider also that Di Pietro promptly refused the Minister of Internal Affairs that Berlusconi (as a Prime Minister) offered him when he was trying to form his first Government, obviously the position was offered just in a view to close his mouth in a "friendly" way, of course Di Pietro smelled the purpose and right away said: no thanks.
If you know Mr. Di Pietro you don't need to read on wikipedia that he comes from a poor rural family. The position he takes on any issue is enough to understand that the people he tries to protect come from the same social status where he comes from. He was born in 1950 in a small village called Montenero di Bisaccia, in the Molise region (south-east Italy), very young he migrated to Germany where he used to work in a factory (in the morning) and in a sawmill (in the afternoon), to pay his studies. These many sacrifices let him get the degree in law whom permitted him to be hired as an officer in the Italian Police (Polizia di Stato). Antonio Di Pietro spent just a few years in serving the state as a police man, after which he started the judicial career as a prosecutor. Was in 1992 when, together with other famous judges (Borrelli, Boccassini, Colombo, Davigo...), he founded the "Mani Pulite" (clean hands) team, which investigated on political-financial corruption. Mani Pulite cleaned, like an house keeper with a vacuum, the Italian Institutions which unfortunately got dirty again very soon because of Berlusconi that, seriously risking the prison, decided to get into the politics challenge. He won the1994 national elections, he became Prime Minister and consequencially saved the skin.
Romano Prodi formed in 1996 his first Government, after the center-left victory, and called Antonio Di Pietro to serve as Minister for the Public Works with competences on all what was primarily object of bribery. The Di Pietro politician had right away a good relationship with people, just because he talks directly to people, like me for example. The success of his politics effort pushed him to found a party called "Italia dei Valori" (Italy of Values) in 1998, making its main theme the fighting against political corruption in Italy. The condescendent attitude of left-wing politicians like Massimo D'Alema towards Berlusconi, imposed him to not run together with the center-left coalition in the general elections in 2001, which were won by Silvio Berlusconi. Di Pietro just got the 4% who permitted "Italia dei Valori" to get into the Parliament, with 1 senator. Unfortunately he immediately defeated to Berlusconi's party. So strange.
Antonio Di Pietro got a seat at the European Parliament in 2004 and in 2006 he run again for the general elections and again, with Romano Prodi, won. He was chosen as Minister of Infrastructures in the second Prodi Government.
We are living the rest. Right now Di Pietro is fighting against the Berlusconi Government with all the weapons that a democracy can let him use. Every day Mr. Di Pietro fiercely enters the Italian Parliament and tells to the Prime Minister what he thinks about his way to run the country. No matter if Berlusconi never shows up at the Parliament, the important thing is that we have a man, inside an Institutional palace, in Italy, that tells Silvio Berlusconi exactly what he deserve because of the ridiculous laws his government is approving every day. Note that the laws that Berlusconi propose to the Parliament every day -approved in 95% of cases- are written by his smart lawyers, Parliament's members as well. Well, fortunately some one stands up screaming: SHAME ON YOU! Every day. Thank you very much for that Mr. Di Pietro.
So, such a man decided to talk with us and answer to a couple of questions, i don't need to remind that this is a great honor for me and for this blog. I hope you'll enjoy this great Peacedrops guest reading his interview in the next coming post.
Thank you for your time and attention.
Many thanks to Mrs. Fabiola Paterniti, Capo Ufficio-Stampa President Di Pietro and Mrs. Sara Mangieri, National Vice-Coordinator of "Italia dei Valori" party. - -

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