Monday, September 29, 2008

Slacker Uprising.

First of all I'd like you to know that i love Michael Moore. I cannot say i saw every single thing he did but i really and deeply appreciated movies like Sicko, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11. About him as a filmmaker i cannot tell you anything else. I love his activism and his straight opposition to war and any form of oppression. I enjoyed and learned many things reading his articles, maybe he's the man that mostly contributed to my personal discover of the truth about what happened in New York 7 years ago. The world's signals that continue to explain this truth to me are better understandable when you enter in a sort of point of view that i got because of him and his works. And i thank him very much for this.
Second, i watched the last Moore's movie totally and totally legally for FREE. You know, i always appreciate when someone, really good in doing what he does, gives the fruit of his creativity and work for free, it's a kind of noble act that can only give honor and respect to the man who does it.
Third, ok maybe sometimes I'm a little bit stoned, i confess, some other times i feel like purely stupid, but what i can tell you is that i got "Slacker Uprising" like the story of the tour that Michael Moore did to document the new hope of people following Obama's electoral tour and to invite them to invite other many people to vote. I got it was this campaign, in fact watching the trailers i felt something, a little duck skin coming, an up coming tear, right away. So, it's my fault cos I'm sure i didn't approached the movie with the right expectations.
Fourth, as i think you get by the way i write, I'm not American. I don't think i feel things in the same way Americans do...i mean of course i cried when Balboa ended the cold war on the ring with the American flag on his shoulders as many times i felt excited or cried watching Michael Moore's movies. And when, this last time it didn't happen i put the responsibility on the fact that I'm not American at the point to be interested or involved in something so bad and happened so long ago. The disastrous lost of any hope for all that people that knew what could mean other 4 years with psycho-Georgie make me sad any time i think at the 2004 American elections. My dark remembers of that electoral tragedy don't need to be refreshed. What i mean is that I'm not that into American politics to get involved in something so dated and expired for me. Actually if you think that we are talking about an electoral tragedy that everyone of us is hoping won't happen again, this give to the movie that touch of "terrible-delusion-again-around-the-corner" that made me feel really depressed, minute after minute, watching Slacker Uprising. No duck skin and tears this time...but a little feeling of scare.
Fifth, i hate to do this, and i hate to criticize a person that i really respect, i hate me because I'm doing it, but i think the change that can come with the new president also means deep honesty and peaceful acceptance of critics, anywhere coming from. That's why I'd love you to get this message absolutely not like a critic to Michael Moore as a person or as an expert filmmaker, the critic i feel to move is about timing and quality of the contents.
I'm not a movie critic, and i don't intend this blog like a movie review, there's people who does it better than me, but, honestly i cannot hide the thoughts that came into my mind watching the Slacker Uprising. You wanna know why? It's very simple, because i posted the "coming soon picture" before watching the movie, of course being sure that I would love it. I had no doubts. Ok, once i saw it i had these three options: cancel the coming soon, lie to you or tell you my real point of view. My real point of view this time doesn't match that much with the one of a person that i take as an example for every one of us, it's very easy for me to write bad about Berlusconi, it's not that easy when you talk about Michael Moore. Fuck.
Sixth, lately and incredibly, really important people of science or politics accepted to make talk interviews with this blog, unfortunately i started and think that i can get an interview from anyone i want at anytime... this bad and really regretful behavior pushed me to write an e-mail to Michael Moore asking him for an interview about this last movie. Of course -but fortunately- he didn't reply, so i just care to precise that what I'll affirm and what i already -sorry- affirmed is absolutely not connected to the fact that Mr. Moore didn't reasonably reply to me.
Ok, let's finally start, what's wrong with timing? Next November 4th the United States of America are going to face one of the most important presidential elections of their history. Maybe the most important. What people need is to finally find again a guide, a president who's able to run this country in a complete different way, a president that can be able to make America loved all across the world like it used to be. People want to feel emotions hoping something better for the future. Michael Moore shot Slacker Uprising 4 years ago, why did he need to publish it now? Why not right after the big delusion as a gift for all the people that hoped so strongly for a change? I mean, the whole structure of the movie is well working just in the case of 2004 democrat victory, but I'll talk about this later, for now i just wonder why he didn't choose another time to put this movie under the eyes of the world. I cannot understand why a smart guy like Michael Moore didn't get the fact that 4 years represent an era in the internet era. That's why i found expired the movie since its first seconds. Expired and boring. I don't comprehend the sense of watching a movie like this right before the most important American election. At the beginning of the movie you can read about John Kerry: "Even if he'd known in advance that Bush was lying about weapons of mass destruction in Irak, he still would have vote for the war". And so? Who cares? Who is John Kerry? Where is he? Who remember him? And above all, who's missing him? Come on, this politician disappeared right away after the elections -did he appear anytime?-. So Michael, it's really too late to talk about Karry, and it's very very late to complain about Bush's second failure. It's done. Finished. Over. Now we need to go ahead.
I also tried to explain to myself that maybe everything was made by Michael Moore in a view to support Obama's campaign but not in a too direct way. Maybe there's an American law that forbid to make a movie about the campaign of a presidential candidate and to let people see it little more than a month before the elections. So Mr. Moore took the old story of the 2004 elections to refresh hope and will to vote and attempted to recycle the old, expired, boring, bad ended story connecting it with the new desire of change you can breathe these last months in this country. Wrong. It didn't work at all. To me of course. I definitively think that this is the worst time to see an historic movie like this, to hope now, in 2008, George Bush not to be another time the President is pathetic and very useless, think also he will never be President again by constitution so what's the matter?
Let me finish complaining a little bit about the quality or poverty of the contents. That's mostly what make me mad with Mr. Moore.
Watching the movie i couldn't believe that i was attending to one the hugest celebrations of a man that i saw in my life. When, for the 10th time, i heard the speaker screaming LADIES AND GENTLEMEN MR. MICHAEL MOOOOORE or when i watched him getting the stage of an arena or a theater for the 15th time i thought i was already sleeping. Unfortunately i wasn't. The center of the movie, the protagonist, is not hope, anger or emotions this time. This time is Michael Moore. And i feel sorry for it.
Ther's another thing i don't really understand: you call 15,000 people in an arena or in a park to tell them to go to vote. They are slackers so you give them clean underwear and noodles. Michael do you really think that someone who comes to your shows and someone who doesn't go to vote can be the same person? In fact, at the minute 11 you asked to the 15,000 people attending your speech who among the audience didn't vote in 2000 and 6 or 7 people stood up to receive noodles and clean underwear. Cos they're slackers right? Come on.
Many things impressed me in a negative way in this horrible film, i just want to leave you telling that i found really weird to see Michael Moore getting the private jet that brought him all across the country or noticing that for him George Bush regularly won the 2004 elections. I hope this is just a mistake and the next movie will impress us like the others, for now i just can invite you to download and see it, and, if you want, let this blog know your point of view. Sorry Mr. Moore and thank you for your time and attention.


Anonymous said...

Hey Francesco-- I know I haven't seen you in a few weeks but wanted to let you know that I saw your blog and think it is great. Miss you and all of the pep's at my favorite spot...
Rebecca (little city fish)

v.fillo said...

Praticamente stà diventando un pò come il nostro Beppe Grillo.... Grazie al tuo Blog sto imparando l'inglese! Mi hai incuriosito, lo guarderò. Ciao, Pippins