Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Update Di Pietro Interview.

I just received an e-mail from President Di Pietro announcing that he won't be able to answer the questions that Peacedrops sent him before next Tuesday, so let's be patient a little bit more. I'd like to take the occasion to inform you that Mr. Di Pietro is promoting a referendum to abolish the "Lodo Alfano" that is a law, approved by Italian majority, and allowing President Berlusconi a total immunization to any form of law, involving rules he can brake covering as Prime Minister or not. Right now, in Italy, if President Berlusconi -like President of Chambers and President of the Republic- kills his wife or an opponent, he cannot be processed. He cannot go to jail until he finish to be in charge, and believe, Berlusconi intends to stay in charge for a long time. This is a ridiculous, pre-dictatorship bill, that a corrupt Parliament approved in a record-time and that Italian President Granfa Giorgio Napolitano countersigned even shortly. Mr. Di Pietro is trying to cancel this offense from Italian codes like the tribunal in Milan did sending to the Italian Constitutional Court a bill called "eccezione di incostituzionalita" in which some judges are asking the Court to pronounce about a law that make 4 Italian citizens different from the rest in front of a judge or law in general. The article number 3 of the beautiful Italian Constitution said clearly that every one of the Italian citizens is absolutely equal in front of the law, no matter religion thoughts, sex orientations, politics ideas. There's no doubts that Silvio Berlusconi's bill won't have a long life, as every Italian free intellectual knows this law is too much unconstitutional, so the court will abolish it for sure, like it did a couple of years ago when Berlusconi firstly tried to approve a bullshit so big (Lodo Schifani). In the mean time, as i told you, Antonio Di Pietro is collecting signatures to promote the "Refefendum Abrogativo" of the Lodo Alfano. I hope I've been clear enough, so stay tuned for the next week's interview and thank you for your time and attention.

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