Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Semptember's Gone.

Today's October the 1st. If you are a regular you already know that every first day of the month i constantly invite all of us to watch this incredible documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, feat. Moby.
I spent the first whole month eating no meat at all, considering i started right away after seeing the film it's actually kind of 7 week that i follow this personal, strange, irregular diet. I eat cheese, rarely eggs, rarely fish -mostly sushi- pasta with rich Italian vegetarian sauces and the rest is more or less vegetables. What i can say to you is that i don't miss meat at all, my body feels much lighter and healthier, my mood has changed a little bit as well. My personal experience is that this is a process that involve your soul more than your brain or food taste, that's why i don't condemn meat eaters or i don't blame myself because sometimes i eat a fish or a scrambled egg. I accepted the choice i took in a really soft and natural way, without imposing me anything. In fact if tomorrow i will see again a steak like i used to see it few more than a month ago, I'd surely eat it. Right now what i see is a cadaver, a carcass going to go on decomposition inside my long intestine. But it's not just this that stopped me. I'm thinking so hard and wondering why my mind had changed so quickly and had accepted with no traumas this crazy and absolutely not announced change in my diet habits. The first selfish explanation i gave you it's not enough, but it's a big motivation to stop eating meat. Your health. No body will tell you that all that damn cardiovascular diseases and many many other health problems are due because of the meat we eat. All over the modern world, and of course above all in the modern countries, and of course above all in United States the way to feed and grow up animals, the way to slaughter them, the way to consider them had changed in the last decade of years. People in this world think that the animals we eat are nothing else than robots, non animated species born to eat, or better to be fed, and died to be eaten by us. That's why people thought that was normal feeding beefs with grounded bones coming from the slaughter house always present close the feedlot. Fortunately in 1997 the US authorities banned this crazy practice that brought us to the crazy cows scandal. At this point the managers of the big corporations involved in feeding animals for us had to think to another way to find a really really really really really cheap food to let animal grow up. As fast as possible. In grandfathers time cows were 5/6 years old at slaughters, now they are 14/16 months. Why? Simply because they don't eat the same things they used to eat 50 years ago. Grass. And what they eat? We can say they eat corn that United States produce mostly to feed animals. So, is just corn able to let a cow grow up and be ready to be slaughtered in such a short time? That's not that simple. Corn, nowadays, is a kind of high tech product but is not enough to let a cow ready to be killed in one year. So corn and antibiotics and enzymes and liquid vitamins and synthetic estrogens and protein supplements and, all together mixed up. But we love fat in our steak, so they get from the always present close slaughter house some fat, coming from already 'treated' animals and burn it getting in its liquid form. And then? Mix liquefied fat with corn and the chemicals. And feed animals with that shit. Three times per day. Daily cost: 1.6$. You don't need me to understand that this "food" get into the body of the cows, get into the meat you eat, get into the shit the cow produce. Think about the fact that farmers cannot use that shit as a fertilizer because it's too chemical. I mean if you take it directly from the ass of a cow and put it into the ground it's already too chemical, it's chemical since the production. What do you think about it? I think that all that shit that i guess it's a lot of shit, goes somewhere underground infecting the water we drink and the fruits we eat.
Finally i invite you again to see "Earthlings", you can just click the last icon on your right. I'll inform you when October also will be spent about my personal no-meat experience, and above all I'll be ready to tell you something more about the surprising book that I'm reading on the matter. Thank you for your time and attention.

- Omnivore's Dilemma - Michael Pollan

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