Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Morning...

Laura: "Good Morning..."
George: "But Laura, it's 2pm!?"
Laura: "Oh, I'm sorry dear, you're right, at the end you are the President in charge until January, so you'll be always right until there, oh, did you sign the papers my lawyers sent you sweety?"
George: "We'll gonna talk about that later, don't you see we are receiving the Obama's?"
Michelle: "Oh my Gosh Barack, am I supposed to move in here? It's half hour from the garden's gate to the house lobby...I mean...if I'll find myself in the heart of the night without the milk for Sasha, what i could figure out?"
Barack: "Don't worry, if we want this world to change we need to sacrifice our little world and change it even if we should like it got ahead like the last few joyful years, hello Mr. President..."
George: "Oh my God Barack, the Elected, i was strongly waiting for this moment to come. Finally this damn presidency is over for me and i can freely go back home and get drunk again whenever i want. I read on the papers that you are afraid I'm gonna invent some new "bushshit" before the end of my mandate, Barack, believe me, you can forget about it, i mean, do you want the sit today the same? Man i'm so ready to go..."
Barack: "Emmhh, Mr. president i know these last years had been so difficult for our country, but now things are gonna change, i mean, really..."
George: "Do you mean that the intentions you were talking about during the campaign are gonna be taken seriously? Come on, it's impossible, they're gonna kill you as they already did..."
Barack: "Excuse me? What are you talking about?"
George: "You know how these kind of things are processed by neo-cons elites and secret service and other connected guys..."
Barack: "What kind of things?"
George: "Things like saving the planet from a sure death, things like kicking the ass of banks, insurances, corporations, oil companies...I'm sure there's many people ready to prefer the planet to finish its life than their lives to finish without money..."
Barack: "Excuse me George, but as always you didn't get the message. The people supposed to kill me are the same people that voted for me because they couldn't continue to dedicate their careers to clean bloody jobs for you and your cruel friends. If you still didn't realize, I'll tell you: the world of hate, anger, 9/11, wars is gonna finish to welcome a world and a new philosophy for human beings, everything based on respect, honesty, environmental sustainability and so on, you and your friends' model are done man...."
Laura: "...As you can understand my dear Michelle I'm crossing out days on the calendar...your husband or that other guy veteran McCain, who cares, the most important thing is that I'm out of this dirty game, i don't intend anymore to tie my name with the one of this crazy man i married i don't even know why, at least for the beautiful daughters he gave me, hopefully they seem they're smarter than their father, i know that's not a big challenge".
Michelle: "I'm sure you deserve a long vacation Laura...."
Laura: "You're right babe, I'm gonna spend the first divorce's million in Jamaica. I'm dreaming of it day and night".
Michelle: "Oh, ah, emmhh, cool..."
George: "Barack, tell me, did you hear about how Italian Premier Berlusconi commented your election, naming you as an extra-suntanned guy? He's the same Berlusconi that told me that the history of Statesmen is gonna leave a place of honor dedicated to me".
Barack: "Yes i heard about the way ber-whatever talked about my election. That's why he's the 71st President i called after the victory. About the other matter what can i say George, the only thing i feel to say is that yes, we'll gonna remember you for a long time, to fix the problems your administration caused to our country we'll need a huge period of time, when we'll finish to re-build it, that's when we'll forget you".
George: "Emmmhhh, confidentially, let me ask you something, are you gonna try to discover what really happened in New York?".
Barack: "This is not one of my priorities, but in a second time, when economy problems will be fixed, when free health-care is gonna be part of the life of every person that live in our country, when all the wars will be over around, at that time i think the world will be ready to know, maybe after my eight years, with the next president that, I'm afraid for you, is not gonna be a Republican".
George: "You don't pretend I'm gonna believe you know already who's gonna be your successor".
Barack: "No George, I don't pretend you believe that, even if i well remember when you started and cry while having known that Mickey Mouse is not real. You got ahead telling everybody that you met him and you shacked his hands many times in Orlando... You even believed Cheney when he told you the story of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.... what i meant is that i think the next president is neither gonna be a Republican or Democrat. Things are gonna change, told you Georgie..."
Laura: "...And as i was telling you few minutes ago Michelle, you can personalize your private rooms, the kitchen and everything else you don't like in these boring, empty, neo-cons furniture..."
Michelle: "Oh thank you Laura, it's so nice from you, i guess these objects are full of memories for you..."
Laura: "Oh yes darling, full of bad remembers that i need to cancel from my mind, you cannot imagine how bad this people are, their cruelty is no ending, just take a look at the way they had been betraying animals and our planet, I'm so glad my husband cannot cause troubles anymore..."
George: "...Oh, f...ing unbelievable, think about 50 years ago blacks and white didn't even share the same sit on a bus, is there somewhere in US where they still do it? I'd better start and look for my Texan luxury two bedrooms. Ops, I'm sorry Barack, my tongue was connected with my brain even if i didn't notice that...".
Barack: "Don't worry, everything is gonna change, cannot say thank you for your service but yes, mmmhh, have a good retirement".
Thank you for your time and attention.

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