Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'd like to put under your attention this amazing work done by Rob Stewart, unfortunately there's no other way to see it beside renting or buying a dvd. Anyway, i saw it, and of course, right away after, i felt like a piece of shit, yes, because that's what we are, betraying animals like we do everyday. Sharkwater is a beautiful film documentary about an incredibly intelligent animal, the shark, the images are unbelievable and describe life behind water in a way you can touch it. The product itself is almost perfect, i think, but the messages it brings are the most interesting part of the project.
Firstly i admire the fact that someone put lights on the sufferance of animals that normally nobody defends. Sharks are amazing animals, for more than 400 million years they have been the unchallenged rulers of the world's oceans, they were already 150 million years old when the first dinosaurs appeared on this planet. But nobody cares that much because sharks are not so loved among humans. Let's make it very easy: sharks kill humans, and so do bees, bears, lions, hippos, elephants, snakes, but, i don't really think there are good animals and bad animals. I also don't think generally beasts are very much into human meat, if you consider what we eat, the stressful lives we live, the drugs, i don't blame them at all, our meat should taste awful. So why animals would like to kill humans? Try to think, it's maybe because they (humans) cause to them and their families (animals) terrible injuries and death? The only bad animal on the face of earth is us. The story of dangerous animals is a total bullshit on me, they are dangerous because it's thousands of thousands of years we don't give them a break, of course as they can they' bite us, if i was a strong animal i could not wait to see a man without a gun, i would kill him in a second. This completely lost of connection with nature put us at the lowest level of evolution, consider that most of these great creatures normally die for a soup. The very unfamous and disgusting Chinese shark fin soup. You'll see, they take the fish and when still alive they cut their fins and they re-put them free in the water. The fish go down and down to the end with no move, and slowly die. For their fuckin bastards soup. Sorry, these things are totally crazy guys, totally out of mind, plus shark meat is completely tasteless and full of mercury, very unhealthy, but a lot of stupid idiots ask for it. Maybe they should learn what are the consequences of a mercury intoxication or, if you want, just google "Minamata disease". A soup. Nothing more humiliating for who's been killed to make it. I always imagine animals' societies like ours, i mean of course better than ours, but with almost the same rules and differences between status that we have. Maybe one of the kings, or the oldest member of a sharks community was killed to make a fin soup. Definitively horrible. As always and unfortunately it's a long time that any good news come from China, shark fin soup is one of the worst i heard.
This great film-documentary gave also me the possibility to value my state of mind. One of the most important message of Sharkwater is that sharks are not bad at all, sharks don't want to hurt us, sharks are beautiful creatures, don't believe in what you see on Spielberg's movies, and other stuff like that. What i mean is this: if there is anybody in this world that still believe that sharks or lions are bad because they eat people, then i think i cannot complain about my mind's conditions. That's why i found myself surprised when i realized that the main message of the movie is something that should be already known by everyone. But you know, schools and teachers are not as powerful as televisions and video games, unfortunately our minds are controlled by media able to create our emotions and feelings like the equation between sharks and blod. That's very bad and so untrue, if you'll decide to watch this movie you'll better understand why. Thank you for your time and attention.

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kk said...

Thank you.

Antonia said...

Thank you so much for your passion on sharks! I can really feel your concern. I have been working on this topic with my uncle from the Shark Research Institute ( and it's amazing how many people---most people on earth---are afraid of these beautiful animals! Did you know that the man who wrote JAWS, Peter Benchley, said that he would NEVER have written JAWS, if he would have known the terrible outcome for these amazing creatures. He became a huge shark supporter for the rest of his life. The best thing to do, is to tell all of our Chinese friends about this---they are creating this demand for the fins and cartilage, and it has to stop! The cartilage has never been proven to cure cancer or anything else! If anything, it makes any illness you have worse over the long run because of all the mercury it contains! Anyway, thanks so very much for spreading the word. Your passion and feeling for this was very moving to read. Antonia