Sunday, November 16, 2008

Picture of the Week.

After 178 posts i decided to put a picture of me on Peacedrops. The first reason is because i honestly had never introduced me beside the first post and the small steady picture you see on your right. Doing this I'd like to put again my face on everything you read on these pages. The second, and most important reason is because the news coming from Italy, as always, are bad. Italian Parliament is trying to approve a law by which bloggers using the '.it' should be legally betrayed like official information medias are, they should declare their activity to tax offices, they would be forced to subscribe a public register of "free communicator, or information producer" -straight from Italian-, every blog would be under the rules of press crimes codes, with the risk, if you don't subscribe the register, to be accused of clandestine expression of opinions. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? That's why Mr. Beppe Grillo (if you want see previous post published on Feb. the 3rd) opened to a new initiative, he started to publish on his blog -one of the most visited in the whole world- pictures of many free thinkers, not afraid to put their face and name on their ideas. If you'd like to support this try to abolish such a clear demonstration that Italy is getting into a soft-dictatorship (even if this law proposal comes surprisingly from left), if you don't like this attempt to close minds and ideas just take a picture like mine and send it to, object your name, text your blog's address and attach your picture but anyway you'll find instructions on Beppe's blog. You'll see your face with thousands of other faces and you'll contribute to free a country getting the way of censorship. Have a nice Sunday and sorry for my unpolite invasion of the Sunday's Picture of the Week, till now always more interesting than my face...thank you for your time and attention.

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